2015 New Wedding Dresses Trend

Affected by the new idea of Simplism, the style of 2015 new wedding dresses has changed a lot, especially the frequently appearance of Sandy Wedding, Rural Wedding, and Travel Wedding. According to the data of many famous brands, 2015 new wedding dresses have simplified. Let me show you 8 points of the wedding trend in 2015.

2015 new wedding dresses have got rid of the traditional regulation. The designers have paid more attention to tailor a simple, neat and tidy one. The change fits the pursuit of brides in the contemporary era.

The bubble skirt being lithe
The bubble skirt was burdensome in the past years which have troubled brides so much because the brides couldn’t walk well when they dress it on. Now the bubble skirt is being lithe with the change of fabric when they design the 2015 new wedding dresses.

Exaggerated Design of Neckline
There is not only the V-neck, Sweetheart and strapless neckline of 2015 wedding dresses, but also the high neck and the lace neck.

Perspective of Magic
People are addicted to the perspective of magic, for example fresh-colored stockings. The magic of perspective would widen your imagine. The same idea has been applied to the 2015 new wedding dresses.

Reveal the shoulders
The style of revealing the shoulders do use to the feeling of sexy and romantic. More, the style can show your body shape exactly.

Sectional type 2015 new wedding dresses
Sectional type is not only the trend of big day dresses, but also the trend of 2015 new wedding dresses. You may feel cool when you dress it on.

Transparent turtleneck waistcoat
The style of transparent turtleneck waistcoat comes from the combination of trend of back-to-ancients and bohemian. It is full of religious influence which is the new style of 2015 new wedding dresses. http://www.hotintheshop.com/

Cool Tone
White wedding dresses are not the necessities of a bride. Color tone will be the trend in the 2015 new wedding dresses if you are a man with fashion idea day and night.