A New Taste Of Fashion-Chocolate Fashion

We all love chocolates, no matter we are children or adults. Just thinking about the word chocolate might already be enough to make our mouths watery.

There are large varieties of chocolates with different flavors available. Thus, it is often very difficult to reach a conclusion on which is your favorite. But who cares about whether you have a particular favorite flavor? Treat your taste buds with a different flavor a day would just be as fun.

Our craziness towards chocolates have prompted us to incorporate chocolates in different products. For examples, we have chocolate candle, chocolate bath, chocolate perfume, you name it, we have it. Nowadays, chocolate is no longer only a thing that we can eat, we can see it almost everywhere, even in fashion shows.

Have you ever heard of chocolate fashion shows? It may probably the wildest thing you have heard of. They are held around the world with so-called chocolate models. These models are dressed up in clothes made of chocolates and walk on the ramp.

These kinds of fashion shows are held in New York. The models will wear costumes made of chocolates, though they may look stunning and delicious. By watching these fashion shows, you will be fascinated by the creativity of the designers.

Different ideas and themes are introduced in these shows every year. For instance, there was a show in New York with Super Heroes such as X Men and Superman dressed up in chocolate clothes. It was an arousing show which added variety to these special fashion shows.

The special attire of this show, such as chocolate bikini tops, chocolate hot pants and chocolate guns were made by chefs who make pastry and confectionery from chocolates. Even the accessories and the bodice and wings of the Bat girl were made of chocolates.

Apart from dark chocolates, there were also white chocolates in the show. The show sounds perfect. However, you will be sad if you know that all chocolate dresses were destroyed right after the show. How long you could have tasted the chocolates from these chocolate dresses if you could get them? It is really sad to have them destroyed.

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