Best of Japanese Fashion 2016

If you are looking for something regale and classic, here are 10 things you can try from the Japanese dressing galleries in 2016.

Kawaii and Kei

Fairy kei and Kawaii boys rank among the top Japanese fashion trends given immense attention by International magazines, fashion designers and social media. A certain unisex dress, keis are preferred largely by prom party dressers. It is Japan’s most prolific 21st century fashion attire. Genderless kei are marketed with peppy colours and amazing patterns, with chic blings and western elements.

Midis and Maxis

An offshoot from the mainstream street fashion in Japan, there has been a remarkable shift in the way midis, maxis and skirts are designed. Perfect for every season, these are cordially accepted in formal events. Wide legged pants are cropped to go with tops and bloused shirts. Long coats are styled with floral colours and muted shades to achieve a retro appeal.
The avant-garde prefer to blend in solid colours like blossom, apple and peach with an optimistically refreshing richness.


Are you looking for a themed party dress inspired from Japanese culture? Cosplay expands to ‘Costume Play’ and it does not have any specific base. Loved for its eccentric themes inspired from video games, animated sports, adventure parties and comic books, Cosplay in Japanese streets, particularly in Japanese exposition, give the rather bland retro-generic wardrobe a colourful twist.

Ideal for Halloween parties, birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s celebration and Thanksgiving. For teenagers and rock party aficionados, this is the go-to attire.


Decorative to get it going, Decora in Japanese fashion couture surpasses even the most playful of segments in Western ramps. It is a highly sophisticated fashion trend involving heavy accessorising and complementary make ups ideas. It never goes alone without the sparkling set of hair barrettes, head bands, clips and clutches. Brocades, necklaces, pendants and even colourful toys feature in Decora in Japanese fashion.
Popular Decora designs available in Japanese fashion segment are Lolita, Pink decora, and Kawaai decora.


Remember the Californian street fashion of the 90s! Rocking tops, bleached hair and tanned appeals complemented with heavy make ups, the Ganguro in Japanese sub-cultures has evolved from an extreme accessorizing to a modest real folk-based fashion.

Japanese Sukajan

A truly awesome jacket dress for men, Japanese Sukajan is a classic souvenir dress top worn for vintage occasions during summers. Often gifted as a best man dress, the jacket is worn over tee shirts, shirts, vests and even with bare body. The Japanese love is reflected through jazzy colours, animal designs neon prints and psychedelic prints inspired by Nintendo, Pikachu, anime and manga.


The look started in 90’s, inspired from very own high school girl fashion, Kogal uses a lot of uniform dress like tartan skirts, white socks and school uniform blazers.
Oriental fashion trends have been relatively offbeat for the most of the western dressing circuits.

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