Brooches in Fashion

It is an age-old piece of jewellery that is being reinvented on the runway. Brooches are considered retro or vintage, what with women in the age group of 70 and above being synonymous with the accessory. But surprisingly, the brooch has made a comeback, and how!
A brooch is among the current fashion trends and has been showcased at various fashion shows in varying forms and designs. Not the granny’s accessory anymore, the brooch is now a coveted piece of fashion paraphernalia that’s raising quite a storm. Let’s take a look at some its runway appearances that made fashion news in recent times:

Spring 2015 Celine show

Hand-shaped porcelain brooches were attached to the lapels and cuffs of structured jackets and blazers, giving an artsy twist to polished tailoring.

Chanel’s Spring Line

Here, delicate white lace shirts and classic blazers were adorned with cotton and ruby-red butterfly brooches.

Vera Wang for Resort 2015

As supersized peony clasps pinned on the shoulder of an asymmetrical chiffon gown or the collar of a sweater, the brooch made a versatile statement here.
Not to forget….

Oscar de la Renta

The prize-winning collection includes romantic black blooms to adorn a monochrome top or a satin evening dress.

Replicate Runway Fashion Easily

From simple and practical to elaborate and eccentric, the brooch can be made part of everyday wear. Wear it large or small, with an evening gown or a formal dress, a brooch is sure to make you stand out. Brooches often compensate for jewellery. If you don’t like dressing-up, a brooch could be your quick and simple gateway to a glamorous look.

If you thought that ornamental and elaborate brooches look good only on the runway, then you are mistaken. Brooches are the only accessories that have no size limits. The smallest pin on a lapel may be most commonplace but big and decorative brooches can give your attire a life of its own and remove all needs of any other piece of jewellery.

Whether you wear them to work or to a party, keeping these simple dos and don’ts in mind will help you clinch the right look.


– Stick to designs and shapes that complement your style.
– Take a friend or a stylist’s advice if you don’t know what to choose.
– Take your time when choosing a brooch and see if it feels right.
– Experiment with your old brooches and come up with new ways to wear them.


– Go for designs or shapes that don’t complement your personal style.
– Buy a brooch if it doesn’t match any of your clothes. A brooch is made to be worn on a dress, so there’s no point buying one if it cannot be worn with any of your clothes.
– Limit yourself. Keep adding to your collection and give away the old ones.
– Don’t blindly follow fashion trends.

A brooch can be worn as standalone. Whether you wear a welcoming fashion brooch to a family occasion or a sophisticated and elegant faux pearl brooch for work, or a funky, eye-catching piece to a party, there is no end to the ways you can style this accessory. If you don’t yet have any, then it’s time to start your collection and fall in love with this classic piece of jewellery.

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