Christian Clothing Vs Secular Clothing Does Jesus Care Which One You Wear

Christian clothing or secular clothing, does it matter to Jesus which one you wear? In a word…No, it makes no
difference to Jesus which shirt or pair of pants you wear today. He is concerned about giving God the Father, glory. Maybe another way to ask the question, Can you bring God glory with the clothes you have on?

Christian clothing, some may think it is too limiting in fashion and styles, some think because it looks so good it
can’t be Christian. Since this article is about Christian apparel, if it calls itself Christian clothing, let’s agree it is Christian clothing.

Here is a partial list of the different styles available in the Christian market. The whole list is huge, let’s look at
a few of the leading products; Christian t shirts, Christian polo, Christian dresses, Christian hats, hoodies…the list could continue but let’s move on. Like its secular counterparts, if you can put a Christian label on it someone
has made a product.

Can God receive glory from the Christian clothing industry? The quick and simple answer is yes, compared to the secular companies. There is no such thing as the perfect clothing line, but some glory is better than no glory. There are so many different styles, denominations and translations in the Christian community it is had to find a common theme.

What style works the best for the Christian clothing theme? Again, we probably need to be more specific but overall the younger Christians (age 13-35) make up the biggest market
share and demographic tends to lean toward casual, so for the sake of having something to write Christian t-shirts are the biggest sellers.

With Christian T-shirts making up the biggest piece of the pie let’s look at why this is true. First, the t-shirt industry is easy to enter into for different manufacturers. Secondly, the younger crowd enjoys going with the “relaxed” or casual look. And finally, the t-shirt has been in style for many years, it is easy to make and companies can plan on using them in their future product line.

Christian clothing is not going anywhere. They have found a market that likes to wear their clothing and message and here is a plus, most Christian clothing companies give a portion of all their profits to people who are in need. Some give to missionaries, others help bring clean water to the thirsty, still others feed the hungry. God loves this about the Christian clothing companies (or any company for that matter) because God is a giver John 3:16, For God so loved the world that He GAVE…God loves a cheerful giver. Christian companies simply do a better job of giving then their secular competitors.

So what does this all mean? You are free to wear anything you would like, God does not care about your wardrobe. But if you could wear clothes that would give God glory as well as help hurting and dying people (and look good)…why not Wear Christian clothing?

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