Clothing with personal image upgrade

1 clothing colors enhance the personal image
Clothing color is one of the important elements of the clothing, the clothing color analysis expertise as a new era, we should have, and should have the ability to exceed personal color analysis and the use of colors in clothing.

Clothing colors reflected on the color
The perfect embodiment of the personal image that the harmonization of individual color and clothing color combination. This is a reasonable mix can bring comfort and affinity. The personal touch is determined by each individual gene, different genes created a different hue of eyes, hair and skin. According to different needs, clothing color can sometimes form a strong contrast with the color, sometimes weak contrast techniques can also be used.
Relatively speaking, the clothing color of the yellow race difficult, under normal circumstances, the lightness and purity are not too high blue and brown clothing color and complexion of the yellow race easily coordinated insurance factor. Should analyze the individual’s skin color is a partial white, yellowish, reddish, or blackish, and then considering the choice of clothing color. Color blackish usually should not choose darker colors, preferably with a crisp, clean color match, and the purity of the color remains the medium, such as light yellow, light blue, beige. Also optional some decorated with color pattern, it is bright and lively; partial to the color white best choose a moderate pure color combinations, such as warm tones, pink, orange, yellow, purple and other, in order to improve the color; complexion suitable bright yellowish those warm gray, blue and gray tones, use some patterns change, and bright colors to decorate.

Clothing color in a physical manifestation of
Pay attention to color in body size with the expansion and contraction of the visual experience, high purity color brings the feeling of expansion, low color purity brings a feeling of contraction; Ming and high color brings a sense of expansion, low brightness color brings a feeling of contraction. In general, obese people are relatively unfit dressed in brilliant, high-purity warm color clothing, preferably similar hue on the lower part of the body, can also wear some neutral color or piece of clothing cold color, visual effects on gives a feeling of contraction dwarf Body relatively can also be considered suitable for wearing pastel-colored clothing, uniform clothing of the body color.

Clothing styles to enhance personal image
Clothing style is a kind of shape factors. Reflect personal image of the important factors, in addition to understanding the clothing color characteristics, is also an important factor in the choice of clothing styles one choice of clothing styles should pay attention to select clothing styles to fit individual body feature their own unique body lines.

2 female body lines and choice of clothing styles
Clothing can also be divided according to the external profile shape and internal details: soft curved soft linear linear linear.
Linearclothing: with a sharp angle, the shape of the shoulders and edges are distinct. In general linear clothing near the neckline detail lines and contours are straight lines (V-shaped collar, suit collar) or a smaller waist and more stripes, geometric patterns and fabrics. This will hide the linear Body thoracolumbar difference is not obvious shortcomings. Curve apparel external profile shape and cropped detail lines are very soft. Neckline and near the curve clothing styles, clothing outer contour curves, such as: shawl collar, round draping neckline with a flounced collar, waist, soft fabric choice, multiple choice, soft pattern diagonal stripes fabric for thoracolumbar difference more pronounced curve Body embodies their gentle beauty. The a soft linear garment neckline and near the soft lines (the collar curve clothing), with a curved face echoes the contour of the clothing is relatively straight (the clothing outer contour the same linear clothing), and linear shape blend;

Male body lines and choice of clothing styles
Relatively simple models of men’s fashion, this dress will suit different focus as an example to explain the male body curve. The angular linear body lines Body Type for wearing European-style suits. European style suits significant linear and angular, the overall outline of an inverted trapezoid shoulder with exaggerated shoulder pads at the waist with a large-scale, double-breasted and features, this style of suit to wear on the edges and corners of the straight-line man body lines, looks more like a natural extension of their own image. This style of clothing because the shoulder is very wide, Asians difficult to achieve this standard, if you do not think twice away to try, may itself shaped
As not only did not get an extension, but the personal image of a down in the end. Body of straight body lines suitable for wearing American-style suits. American cut suits and European suits also a linear set, but not exaggerated shape
The men straight body lines, this appearance presented “0” type of leisure suit is a good choice. Body of a curved body lines suitable for wearing ivy suits. Not exaggerated shoulders, edges and corners, and just a little plastic curved people is a natural extension of their own image of course.
The relationship of body type and clothing styles
On select clothing styles to improve the personal image, not only of our size determines select clothing styles, and other factors (tall, fat, thin, etc.) also influence the choice of clothing styles. For example: stocky man for wearing a darker suit with vertical stripes better, reducing the sense of obesity in circumference, achieve slender visual effects. Often there is a misunderstanding that striped clothing suitable for fatter people wearing, in fact, it is not absolute brilliant stripes clothing more suitable for thin
By wearing well versed in color, stripes elongate suitable for obese people to wear. Clothing styles in addition to improving the balance of the the dress visual effects overall, but also in the local equilibrium: a whole body more perfect, if her waist is too long, waist parts folds, which visually looks very long legs ; Another example is the very fullness of chest discomfort can placket at increasing wave lace to reflect the thoracolumbar poor; ‘X-type legs of the people, should avoid wearing tight pants, pencil pants.
3 clothing accessories to enhance the personal image
Accessories is the general term for other items of clothing in addition to clothing outside. The variety of clothing accessories the conventional classification can be divided into: headdress, necklaces, pectoral, waist, ornaments, enough ornaments as well as other. The principle of point, line, surface composition is an important principle to choose the right clothing accessories. Focus on the mix of apparel and clothing accessories have rhythm, proportion, in order to highlight the wearer external image
The level of the United States. Clothing accessories personalized, social culture, etiquette, meaning, and therefore we have to abide by while highlighting their own style social norms, to comply with such a request clothing accessories better bring the image of the wearer’s temperament. The great similarity of the accessories color choice and the choice of clothing color coordination, according to the proportion of skin color, clothing color image of the wearer. Overly exaggerated, the overall image of the color will be weakened jewelry wearer adverse effects, cold and warm clothing coloring, blocks of color distribution to select the appropriate contrast to coordination, stressed, echoing the color of the jewelry, the overall image of the wearer in color before layering.

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