Cute Trends in Girls Clothing This Summer

Having little girls in the home may be challenging at times, but one perk is their interest in keeping up with the latest trends. Now that summer is here, you are probably wondering what current crazes you can find in stores and how to get your hands on these popular apparel items.

Fortunately, dressing your little girl may not be as hard as you think! In fact, you may take a walk down memory lane with the some of the choices available for kids this year!

One of the most popular summer trends are leggings; tight, spandex pants that were fashionable back in the 1980s. Girls are sticking to neutral colors, such as black, grey and tan. Some have feminine characteristics, such as lace on the legs or glitter effects. There are also different lengths of leggings, but the trendy way to go is to choose varieties that stop at or just below the knee. Not only are leggings stylish, but they’re also a great way to keep little legs warm and protected on cool summer mornings and evenings.

In order to complete the bottom half, most girls choose to wear leggings with something, such as a mini skirt. Skirts can be solid colored, plaid or striped and made from cotton or denim materials. If your little one doesn’t want to wear a skirt, she can choose a long, flowy top that comes down past her waist instead. Or, your little girl can opt for a loose fitting sundress to wear over the leggings. The choices are endless when it comes to pairing leggings with skirts, dresses and tops!

Indeed, tops and tees that drape over the body are the cute trends for the summer season. There are many variations to these loose fitting tops, such as screen-printed tees, plaid tops or those in a diverse assortment of colors. The tees are made from soft fabrics and feature a pastel color palette, some with added ruffles and necklines. Another addition to girls clothing is using organic cotton; cotton that is grown in favorable conditions, without the use of pesticides. These clothes focus on Eco-friendly living and are breathable and super comfy for young kids.

Also prevalent in the marketplace are denim jeans: skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and straight legged jeans to name a few. There are many variations available, but most sport a casual and washed look, almost like your little one has had her jeans for a lifetime! They’re comfortable and versatile as well, looking fashionable with a plaid or flower top.

Girls fashion trends are always changing and while it may be hard to keep your little one happy with her wardrobe, growing kids are always in need of new pairs of pants and tops. Fortunately, this summer season brings about a fresh and vibrant collection of clothes, ranging from girls leggings paired with miniskirts or flowy dresses and loose fitting tops coordinated with denim jeans. While designer clothes are also becoming common amongst young girls, there are many designer-inspired replicas that come with a more affordable price tag. Indeed, you cannot forget the eclectic assortment of pastel colors, plaid prints and lace that complete each feminine article of clothing.

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