Designer Fashion Accessories Vs. Knock-Offs

If you are not keyed into the world of designer fashions you probably have even less of an understanding of fashion accessories. That is because for many folks shoes are just shoes and handbags are just handbags. Of course if you are a fan of designer clothes and cherish a brand name fashion accessory then you know that shoes, handbags, sunglasses and other accessories are as important as any primary garment in your collection. Appreciation for accessorizing is not a universal pursuit. Some folks simply sparkle, knowing the exact brands and styles to get others flounder under the pressure of trying to find the right belt.

There is hope for everyone of course and the first step towards a brighter fashion future is probably to stop misunderstanding the importance of designers and brand names. Far too many people opt for knock offs never truly understanding the implicate value in getting an original. In an age when most intellectual property is undervalued and unappreciated it is important to acknowledge the work of a unique mind. This is particularly true in fashion. Any knock off you purchase will reveal it’s self to someone who understands fashion. They will see a lack of precision in seam work or a missing design flourish. No matter how you look at it, knock-offs will always hint(and sometimes scream) that these are not designer fashion accessories.

The trend of knock-offs is even more troubling considering some of the work high end designers have done to offer fashion accessories at lower prices. Internet sites regularly list cheap designer handbags that are most certainly not knock-offs. Designer shoes for women can be found on close out websites and with deep, if occasionally brief, sales on a variety of shopping websites. If you truly want the latest in hot accoutrement it is available and it is probably not quite as pricey as you feared. In some cases you will be bowled over by the kind of savings being offered.

Fashion is no longer the jurisdiction of the rich and privileged. These days designers have tried to reach a wider swath of the population. The winners in this are everyone. People look nicer, designers make more money, and you get to feel like a top of the line runway model without missing a meal. The only people who loose are the counterfeiters and cheats hoping to make a quick buck with shoddy products that they have no business recreating or selling. Good girls can come out on top! is your best online source for designer fashion accessories from Ed Hardy apparel and other top brands!

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