Discover The Multi Cultural Side to Miami

With a tropical climate boasting year-round sunshine, a plethora of entertainment venues and exciting attractions to experience, Miami is truly a holidaymaker’s paradise. Indeed, comprised of a variety of diverse and colourful cultures, the city offers up the chance kick back and unwind from the trials of everyday life.

For example, Coconut Grove, a historic neighbourhood in the south, is great for bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as a selection of bohemian shops to browse through. The north, on the other hand, is home to Midtown, where there is a huge community of West Indians, Hispanics and artists for you to mingle with.

Managing to perfectly capture the true multi-cultural feel of Miami with its packed annual events calendar, the city has the capacity to entertain and excite regardless of when you choose to visit. So, if you’re planning on visiting, it is well worth investigating what’s going on.

Paying homage to its huge Hispanic population, the Puerto Rican Plantain Festival is a great event to attend. Taking place for one day in January, it is an ideal opportunity to experience all things Spanish as plenty of food and music from the country will be available. It is especially good for taking the children along to.

The Asian Culture Festival, held in March, is another brilliant experience to be had. Currently in its 19th year, it offers visitors a true slice of Asian culture. In addition to the range of arts and crafts on display, there is also the chance to try the cuisine, listen to music and observe some traditional sporting events – such as Sepak Takraw, which is a no-hands volleyball tournament from Malaysia that only allows players to use their feet, chest, head and knees to touch the ball.

Miami Fashion Week of the Americas is also a great event in which to experience a range of different cultures and the influence they have had on fashion. Including a variety of designers from a number of countries across Latin America, the Caribbean, America, Europe and Asia, it takes place on Miami’s South Beach in May and is an important event in the city’s calendar.

Also held in May is the Arabian Nights Festival. A celebration of Middle-Eastern culture, there is a range of live music, theatre and parades for the visitor to experience. Established in 1926, it attracts around 20,000 people every year and is full of excitement and fun.

Featuring a host of music, drumming, lectures and demonstrations, the Japanese Cultural Weekend is a definite must see. Taking place in October, it is set in the stunning Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, which is globally renowned for its collection of rare topical plants.

In addition to the events mentioned, there is many more on offer to attend. Indeed, this popular destination is packed with many visitors from Europe who take flights to Miami to experience what is on offer. And when you are considering a visit to a destination that offers so much culture, and which is set in beautiful, year round sunshine then it is not too difficult to understand Miami’s popularity.

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