Finding Trendy Designer Accessories For Less

Let’s face it, we all wish that we could afford to look like we just stepped right out of the pages of our favorite fashion magazine. But with today’s economic hardship this is hard to do. However, there are tons of places where you can find designer accessories for less. You don’t even need to be living in a big city! You can find fabulous pieces at local places including sample sales, resale shops, outlets and even online, with auction sites or flash sale websites.

We will start close to home with familiar locations. Your city probably has an assortment of national chain outlet stores which feature racks and racks of designer label clothing, shoes and accessories. But how to spot a deal? The key is to always be shopping, as these stores get new merchandise all the time. You never know when that designer item is going to hit the racks. Make this part of your weekly routine, maybe stopping in during your lunch break each week to check out the newest items.

Another good location would be a locally owned resale or consignment shop. People will take items that they no longer want to the consignment store and the store will sell and market the garment or accessory for a cut of the sale price. These places tend to feature higher ticket items (like high fashion brands) at a good price, since they have been gently used. Again stock rotates out here quickly as items are one of a kind (one item in one size only, no duplicates), so try to visit often to find yourself a deal.

Some larger metropolises may have designer boutiques run by the fashion houses. These stores or boutiques often run sample sales or trunk show to off load one of a kind items or out of season products. Try to get on their distribution e-mail/ mail lists to get invites to these exclusive discounted shopping opportunities. Be prepared to shop with lots of people at these events, as they tend to be popular and aggressive.

The internet also has some great opportunities to find designer accessories for less, try your hand at online auction sites. The fashion departments of these sites are growing daily and are categorized by designer so you can quickly find who you are looking for. Many of these sites feature guarantees of authenticity, so you can shop with confidence.

Also try signing up for one day shopping websites or flash sale sites. These normally require an invite or a waiting list, so sign up for all the sites that interest you. These sites help designer brands off load merchandise at deeply discounted prices but there tends to be very limited stock and sizes. Flash sale sites will notify you of brands and categories ahead of time, so be prepared to shop as soon as the sale opens each day.

There are lots of ways to get your hands on the name brand shoes, purses or accessories that you have been looking for, whether you shop online, visit a sample sale or hit up an outlet. Good luck and Happy shopping!

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