Having Fun With Fashion Accessories

You’re already a smart shopper who knows how to find a great discount on designer fashions. Pants, blouses, skirts, dresses -you find them all at awesome prices and you feel even better knowing that designer brands adorn your body. But any fashion guru will tell you the outfit is only half complete. Fashion accessories are just as important, almost crucial if you will for completing the look. For example, when I attended a film noir party it wasn’t the slinky black dress or the matching black pumps that made me look from that era. It was the pearl necklace. That one little addition that turned my awesome outfit into a hot outfit that fit the theme perfectly.

It is with this sentiment in mind that you should plan your clothing. It’s not just about necklaces and earrings. It’s about the watch, the shoes, the handbag, and even the hairpins. Each little addition counts and it all adds up to one big success or one big flop. It’s quite amazing how the clothing itself can be fantastic but you pair it with the wrong color shoes or the mismatching jewelry and the whole thing falls to pieces. Everything can work perfectly except for that one item and it will not work. It’s terrible to admit, but it’s true. At least if it’s the wrong style of necklace for the dress you can simply take it off once you realize. But you can avoid the situation completely if you receive the right fashion tips.

If you’re ever feeling unsure about fashion accessories, it’s always best to start out small. Wear just one or two pieces of matching jewelry instead of several. Forgo the scarf if you don’t feel quite certain about it. Stick to basic, solid colors for your shoes. When you start to feel a bit more confident is when you can branch out. Look to fashion magazines and websites. Take notice of what other women are wearing. Mix and match solids and patterns. Know that if you wear a gold bracelet, the necklace should be gold as well, not silver. You don’t have to wear all matching colors, obviously that’s boring, but make sure the colors are complementary.

Another key point is to keep the style and time period the same. Wear fashion accessories that match the tone of the clothing. But remember that putting together an outfit should be fun, not feel like a chore. You can easily spruce up a plain outfit with the right necklace or a funky pair of shoes. Remember that accessories serve a purpose but don’t let it scare you away from properly utilizing their beauty.

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