Hip Hop Fashion : Forever Trend

Hip hop fashion trends are not a newcomer to the fashion scene by any means. In fact, this style has been around since the 1980’s, when celebrities like Will Smith and Christopher “Kid” Reid showed youth how it should be done. Of course, hip hop fashion trends have evolved over the past two decades as tastes and styles have changed to correspond with the culture of the time. The following will offer you a brief but colorful history into the world of hip hop, with some of the current fashion design today.

Hip Hop – The Beginning

In the 1980’s, with the hip hop fashion vogue major brand names became similar. With leather bomber jackets and dazzling – coloured track suits were sported with brand names like Nike, Adidas and Clark shoes. The famous television show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire where Will Smith flaunted sports jerseys which were popular. Creating an image of richness and high-living in the hip hop culture of this time, when heavy gold jewellery and large sunglasses were introduced. MC Hammer and other rappers initiated hip hop fashion styles like baggy pants and baseball caps in the later part of this decade.

The Gangsta Look – Rugged and Vigorous

In the 1900’s, the fashion of the Los Angeles Chicano gangsters entered leaving hip hop fashion styles to the gangsta look. This style exhibit baggy pants that were worn without a belt and that too, very low, shirt tails dangling outside the pants and bandanas on the head. Designers were offering garments in the middle of this fashion trend that the present youth would like and brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo and Nautica came in vogue. Names like Mecca USA, Lugz and Rocawear came in the picture at this time as hip hop pattern emerged into urban streetwear.

Flash and Bling – A Delight For The Eyes

Fashionable and admired by Jay-Z and The Hot Boys the picture turned and saw hip hop fashion trends changed gears to attractive outfits and glamorous jewelery. Gucci the high end designers entered as well and merged in the the hip hop scene. The hip hop fashion has toned down and one may call it the preppie hip hop as today hip hop fashion patterns are more customized and are professionally made. The hip hop newest styles are especially adopted by youth and as a consequence this trend will always be competitive and exclusive from the fashion mainstream. Even after two decades on the fashion scenario it will be a fashion icon that will stay here as it has evolved more than just a trend.

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