History Of Fashion, Clothing For All Seasons

The history of fashion takes us into a time warp. It’s art in its purest form. It is all about style. The way a designer puts into form fabric and colors to make an outfit has always been greatly watched by many. Designer clothing makes its way into films and magazines now and is the high talk of many magazines.

You have two types of fashion, high fashion and good fashion. High fashion clothing is very expensive and the uses of these garments don’t go past you wearing the item for more than one time. Good fashion clothing can be clothing that either has a designer attached to it or not, but the clothing looks great.

Clothing comes in all shapes and sizes. You have clothing that is tight and other clothing that is loose. Fashion styles can consist of pleads going around the hem of a skirt, to pleats at the side of a waistband. Shirts can have openings up by the neck or covering the neck.

Excellent taste comes from a variety of time periods we live in. Some skirts are short, others are long. Unusual fabrics and colors go into making all kinds of styles. Some of the older fashions come back, while others like to start a new trend. Other pieces of clothing just stay within the frames of time.

A good sense of style can be developed by looking at different magazines, getting ideas of what’s in and what’s out. Going to museums is always a good thing to do as well.

Take a look at what other people are wearing. Look at all kinds of fashion magazines or surf online to see what is hot and what isn’t. People are always talking about what’s hot. The ads in magazines serve as a good source as well.

When you look at an outfit that strikes you, ask yourself how you would change the design. What would you ad to it? What would you take away? You can buy a sewing machine and redesign clothing to make it into something new. Put a hood on a jacket or a design on the back of a shirt.

There are some many different places you can get fashion ideas from. Is it raining outside or snowing? This can give you ideas. Ideas can come from watching children play in the park, or music that you hear over the radio that stirs up your creative side. You can always find style in the basic time frame we live in. Things change over time. Certain pieces come back and others are gone forever. That is my take on the history of fashion.

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