How to embed Google Calendar in your Website GMH-039

How to embed Google Calendar in your Website GMH-039

This tutorial shows how to embed your personal Google calendar into your website. It also shows how to get a simple link to share with others if you don’t have a website.

Sometimes you need to share your Google calendar, with other people, so that they can schedule events for you.

Google does allow you to share your calendar, directly with another user.
That calendar could have details, you may not want others to be viewing, like your doctor appointment’s, or when you exercise.
The alternative is, to share the calendar with any scheduled events, where all events are shown as busy, with no details.

Google can generate HTML code, called embedded code, that can be copied into a web page, to allow people to view your calendar.

To reduce the risk of people viewing events you don’t want to be seen, you can divide your events into multiple calendars.
For example, one calendar could be personal and private events and, another calendar could be business events.
If like me, you work for more than one client, you may have a separate calendar, for each client.

NOTE: This video was an experiment using all of the new things I’ve learned from some Camtasia training. I may have gone a little overboard 😉

It uses Natural Reader and a voice to give me that British tone that so many other YouTube videos have. So a learning experience with Text to Speech (TTS).
Some of the TTS text is shown above. NOTE: Listen to how “Peter” pronounces Git Hub, it’s a hoot.

It required blurring to hide some of my personal stuff from prying eyes. I’ll try to avoid doing that shit again.

I did custom music mixes. So another new learning experience using audio mixing. There must be people out there who do this stuff for cheap.

I wrote a simple HTML template and created a GitHub repository for it. More new skills.

After 5 hours creating a PowerPoint template (It can be used over again), typing in the narration (Forced me to learn how to make sentences sound correct), capturing the Powerpoint slides, mixing music, syncing the voice with the slides, capturing sequences from the browser, Microsoft Visual Studio Code and FileZilla….
A 10:18 video was created.

Link to HTML Template code at GitHub

Was it worth it? I hope so. Please let me know in the comment section below what you think of this experiment.

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Now, Take a little time, and force yourself to learn something new.