Interior Trends to Follow for 2016

There has been a massive change in how interior design is perceived and practiced. Thanks to the access to internet it has become increasingly simple to find means and ideas to design your home’s interiors in a variety of ways. Be it the innocuous metal racks or a simple steel countertop, there is a plethora of options out there, and 2016 is only going to add to them. A number of young designers are not only experimenting with spaces but also colours and textures, bringing into homes a more vibrant and personalized feeling.

Here are some trends that will definitely be hot in 2016:

Trippy Tiles

Tiles are no longer restricted to the plain white and ivory shades any more, nor are they relegated to bathrooms and kitchen sinks. Printed tiles, also known as ‘happy’ tiles are not only colourful but also available in a variety of designs. Some companies and ceramic tiles manufacturers also provide you customized designs on these tiles. Designers have taken to using them in creating designs on walls, and are frequently used in seating spaces, and even bedrooms. In some cases these tiles can also be used in the exterior of the house to create an impressive look.

Pendant Chandeliers

These little lamps are absolutely perfect for small seating or reading spaces. Usually made from a steel frame these lamps are not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain. Old fashioned candle lamps are also making a comeback and classic chandeliers have never been more expensive. But you can always fashion for yourself these beautiful little pendant chandeliers to tastefully light up your home.

Marble is a Classic

Whatever the age the feeling of walking on marble has always been an aspiration among people. It is a timeless classic and a sought after addition to any living space, and this is a trend that will not be bucked in 2016. Be it in the form of table, flooring or even counter-tops, marbles continue to be one of the most sought after products in interior design. However, it is important to select the right kind of marble.

Steel Racks are Back

Their bare, classic look has always made steel racks a thing of novelty in homes. However, the usefulness of these racks can never be understated. Coming in a variety of weight bearing capacities, they are easily adjustable so that you can get shelves of the height you require. Moreover, racks are also available that can blend into your décor. Called Blendura racks, they can be printed with any colour, texture or design and can work as a seamless addition to your interiors while providing efficient racking solutions.

Vintage Works

A classic brass piping, not snaking through your walls, but upon your ceiling supporting a variety of mood lamps, it is hipster chic like this that has made its way deep into the design aesthetic today. The keywords for this trend are industrial, vintage and reusable.