Project Runway – A Great Example of Fashion TV

The creative style of fashion and the pervasive nature of television are two integral parts of many popular cultures. No television show is more popular than Project Runway when it come to the fashion TV genre.

Various Reasons Why Project Runway and Fashion TV have Become so Well Liked

Numerous people enjoy watching how clothing is first conceptualized from an initial design to the finished product because everyone has a preferred type of clothing that they wear. The television program Project Runway is an ideal example of fashion TV that not only shows that, but the challenges presented to the guests of the show are the things that make all different types of people want to watch it.

Heidi Klum a German supermodel who is the producer of Project Runway who also happens to be a judge on the show as well. In addition to Heidi Klum there are two other regular judges, Michael Kors who is a well-known American fashion designer, and Nina Garcia, who is Elle Magazines fashion editor.

At various times they will also have guest judges for this fashion TV show, who in the past have involved prominent people such as Nicky Hilton, and Vera Wang. Tim Gunn from Parsons The New School of Design, is the contestants mentor throughout the entirety of the show who assists in various aspects of the tasks involved.

Each week there are typically 16 contestants who must have an impact on the judges by completing in a successful manner a design challenge that is within an allotted amount of time. After the time is up, they and their models have to present designs in a runway show. The model of the contestant who successfully wins in the season finale of Project Runway ends up getting a fashion spread in Elle Magazine.

In addition to being good fashion TV, it also makes for good reality TV. There have been accusations from some contestants towards other contestants that they are cheating, additionally there is always that tension on the set that comes up as to whether or not some contestants can actually complete their designs on time given to them.

The American version of Project Runway is broadcast on the Bravo channel, and in the event that you missed it there are very often reruns of the shows prior seasons. If you want to see some appealing fashion TV, Project Runway is an excellent choice.

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