Real Fashion Accessories Not Knockoffs

The knockoffs “industry”, if you can even call it that, is a full scale con on everyone from the major fashion companies to the regular person simply looking to get cheap designer handbags or fashion accessories at an incredibly low price. The thing is we can not serve such an evil conglomerate of crooks and still consider ourselves good consumers and positive forces within our communities. The short comings in labor practices of the fashion industry dramatically pale in comparison to the proclivities of the bootleg fashion industry. What’s more they undercut a wealth of people in the service industry, not to mention designers, white collar staffs in office buildings around the world and the entire tax system which keeps out country’s infrastructure stable.

It is very easy to write off your purchase of some designer shoes for women that are clearly knockoff bootlegs. After all we might tell ourselves that the fashion industry generates a ton of income and these prices are absurd and the person making the sale is working too. These are all nice ways to help ourselves feel better about a bad thing but in the end we all know that we owe it to a vast capitalist system to purchase things correctly so that all parties down the line are compensated and eventually when we have something to sell(whatever that may be) someone is there to buy it and compensate you correctly.

“Well I’m not selling fashion handbags! How does this apply to me?”

Well you dope, I think you need to consider for a second what you do sell. Are you waiting tables hoping to be tipped or at the very least hoping for the money for the meal that’s been created? Imagine someone just cut out of that product and dined and dashed. You would hardly be okay with it. Even municipal employees like police officers and teachers should keep in mind that their salaries are paid by the taxes that cheap designer handbags bought from bootleggers are not considering. You are driving the economy away from subsidizing our security and the education of our children. That is what knock offs do.

If nothing else we should all pay legit retailers because it is simply the right thing to do. Fashion is and art and a service, service and art are not free. Keeping that in mind will help us create a culture that does not allow for these kinds of indulgences. is your best online source for designer fashion accessories from Ed Hardy apparel and other top brands!