Summer Fashion Coming To A High Street Near You

In 2007 big shoes are expected to make a big hit. It’s time to mothball the delicate, feminine heels because it’s chunky wedges and platforms that will feature this year. During the day rope-wrapped espadrilles will be ‘de rigueur’ and for that glamorous night out step up to sexy evening platforms. But, what will you be wearing on top to match footwear that makes such statements?

With 42% of the average UK women’s wardrobe consisting of entirely black items, its bad news for your bank account but great news for your shopping alter ego as you head for the shops and this summer’s super colours. With most designers choosing bright and bold colours incorporating vivid blues, yellows and poppy reds you’ll need to find the perfect match for you in terms of both the latest fashions and the spectacular colours on show. For the mega-bold there are neons that scream ‘dare you to wear me!’ or for the futuristic the space age look is set for a meteoric rise with metallic silver becoming the ‘must-have’ colour. Yes, silver! Available as dresses, tunics, minis or whatever takes your fancy.

But, if you think those colours are just a tad too bold, grey will still feature heavily this year thanks to stylish ranges from most of the high street fashion stores. And although it may be frowned upon on its own, black is definitely on the racks this summer but mainly when combined with white; everything including swim wear, accessories and dresses will carry the bold combination in prints and solids, stripes and checks, dresses and two pieces.

Designs showcased on the catwalks during fashion week highlighted the return of 80s power-dressing. So prepare yourself – shoulder pads are coming back, but hopefully they won’t be accompanied by endless re-runs of Dallas and Dynasty! Also quite bold, but less obtrusive than the pad is the puff sleeve, also favoured by designers and guaranteed to be in plentiful supply throughout 2007 on tops and dresses.

Denim accessories will feature heavily this year; whether its handbags or shoes, all are designed to be worn with this season’s colours. But, also expected to sell strongly this season will be the evergreen denim shorts, both as hotpants for the bold or on-the-knee versions for the more conservative amongst us. Whilst we’re on the subject legs are most definitely back, with the mini-skirt expected to feature heavily in this summer’s must-have fashion items, alongside the recently revived leggings look.

With zig zags, panels, pinstripes, pleats, flannel check; you’ll find mini skirts in abundance. Whatever takes your fancy is available if you look hard enough, with many high street stores carrying extensive ranges and with a similar massive choice in leggings you won’t be left wanting.

It’s good news if you want to stock up on summer fashion. There is plentiful choice and the secret to making that ideal look will come down, as always to shopping around, trying on all the styles and seeing exactly what suits you!

Daniel Johansson is an Internet technologist from Manchester, England who writes on a wide variety of subjects. Your local high street will be able to get you kitted with the latest summer fashion. Most high street fashion outlets will be currently stocking their rails soon ready for the rush.

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