Swarovski at the victoria’s secret fashion show

It has been almost a month since the 2011 Victoria’s secret fashion show was be held in New York city. But no one could forget about that a amazing, wonderful, Fabulous fashion show. Not only because of the sexiest supermodel on the world, or the most creativity design of lingerie, also because of the Swarovski crystal. At the Victoria’s fashion show, you could see the Swarovski crystal elements was be used in every details. The runway, the bra, the panties, the shoes, the angel’s wings ,the model’s body. Absolutely blow up a blast in every Swarovski crystal fans’ heart.

Especially, when the super model Alessandra Ambrosio who was about two month pregnant w alked in the famed annual runway. She took away everyone’s mind. Definitely she was in the center of everyone’s attention because she was wearing a pair of gold wings weighing 30-pounds. It took designers seven years to complete the masterpiece and according to producer Monica Mitro these are the most spectacular wings produced by Victoria Secret because they contain more than 100,00 Swarovski crystals. Alessandra, on the other hand, was the queen of the Swarovski crystal kingdom. No wonder, she was smiling like a sun.

It is also worth to mention that another one of the show’s themes, “I Put a Spell on You” centers on the magic of New Orleans. Larry Vrba, who created this intricate necklace using Swarovski glass as part of a sponsorship from a brand, explains the inspiration is “dark and mysterious with a look at ironwork, embroidery, Victoria influences and cameos. From this necklace, you could see what an amazing bond between Victoria’s clothing and Swarovski crystal. And also break the tradition image of Swarovski, you could see angel and evil dance together.

Actually, more than that, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Victoria’s Secret clothing worn by the models incorporated more than 2 million Swarovski crystal elements, these crystals adorned shoes, jewelry, and accessories. There is no doubt that Swarovski makes Victoria’s secret fashion show more perfect.

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