The Most Expensive Fashion Items Ever

When you’re sticking rich, there is precious little in the world that you can’t afford and one indulgence which seems to bear fruit is fashion. Here are some of the most expensive fashion items the world has ever seen created by some very entrepreneurial designers and purchased by more money(and jewellery) than sense. A wedding dress will often have a high price-tag attached to it but as we from this list, even some every day fashion items are a long way from you and me may be accustomed to.

Most Expensive Underwear – Originally shown off by supermodel Gisele Bundchen, the Red Hot fantasy lingerie set was appears in the Guinness Book or Records as the most expensive underwear ever. It was introduced in 2002 by Victoria’s Secret on Broadway. It cost a staggering $ 15,000,000. The reason for this insanely high cost is the hand-cut gemstones that a significant portion of the underwear is made up of. There are 1,300 stones on the bra alone with 300-carats of diamonds and Thai rubies.

Most Expensive Suit – London designer, Alamnexamnder Amosu, was responsible for this, the most expensive suit in the world. It costs 14 per stitch and took 80 hours to complete. Rare materials were used in producing this one-off suit including Vicuna wool. This particular material can be shorn only once every three years from the South American camelid. Another rare material used was Qivik wool.

Most Expensive Shirt – Eton designed the most expensive shirt ever as way to celebrate their eightieth anniversary. Employing the finest Egyptian cotton and by integrating diamonds in the studs and cuff-links, this shirt, which sold for $ 40,000, was quite simply a stunning creation.

Most Expensive Gown – The most expensive gown was in fact a wedding dress, the Diamond Wedding Gown designed by rare jewel dealer, Marin Klatz and Beverly Hills bridal salon owner, Renbee Strauss. The dress features 150 carats explaining the $ 12 million price tag.

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