The Trends of Paris Fashion Week 2012

This past week, fashion has hit Paris’ runways with a lot of big brands like Chanel, Dior, Versace and more. There are a lot of great fashion trends showing up that you’ll be sure to see in stores (though probably more tamed down from their runway counterparts). Paris fashion week is always particularly fun because designers tend to show off the more outrageous styles.

For Christian Dior, there was a lot of 50s inspired silhouettes but with a couture flair. See through dresses with A line skirts, full sleeves and floral designs were present, combining an old school feminine design with the in style sheer fabric. It’s a very cool combination, especially since mod style clothing is still a huge hit. It all seems to be in the details of the embroidery and accents, which Dior is known for.

Versace has an interesting mix of feminine fabrics with sharp lines, creating a cool mix of flirty but tough. There was a lot of silk fabric, glitter, floral designs and lace. There were trendy shorts and dresses with perfectly placed cut outs. The styles were definitely the kind that could be pictured in regular brick and mortar store. Shoes had elaborate designs that looked like a mix of gladiator armor and lace, some that went up the entire leg to the knee.

Christophe Josse went full feminine with his designs, which are loose and flowing, full of a lot of extra fabrics and long skirts that sweep the floor. Some of the off the shoulder styles made the models look the Grecian goddesses. It’s a true return back to classic ideas of soft lines, fragile materials and toned down colors.

There’s always the more fun side of a fashion show, like Maurizo Galante’s runway styles which made models in eclectic, over the top color ensembles that had them resembling giant flowers, with veils made of plants and all. If you can look past the avant-guarde presentation, the colors are actually great to get inspiration from. It looks like this spring is going to be full of bold pieces, so it’s time to shed any inhibitions towards wearing bright pinks, purples and greens.

This spring, take a bit of inspiration from all of these different runway styles to create your own on trend wardrobe. There’s so many different options, you’ll be sure to find something that you love while still being on trend for the upcoming season. is a member of the AJ Blog Network, a Mecca of blog sites that provided fresh blog content on a daily basis. Check out more posts from and a series of other fantastic blog sites at