Where washroom accessories make our life easy, they also require cleansing for their maintenance and for hygienic bathroom it is necessary that one should keep in his mind that they require maintenance. To purchase them once is easier than to cleanse or maintain them for a long time. Any way it is not a difficult job to clean your washroom accessories but it must be kept in mind that in case of mess in washroom will produce too many germs and will be a source of so many diseases. Our washroom needs more cleansing than any other part of the house. Here are some tips to keep these accessories neat and clean. To clean the towel rack, hocks and other fixtures in the wall you should first wet it with the help of a wet towel. Then clean it with any dish washing detergent and wipeout.

It will be neat and clean. There are so many mineral deposits in them they can be wiped out with the help of wet towel. All the walls and shelves must be wiped out with the help of all purpose cleaner .the cloth used in this process must be spirited.Wipe the door with the help of wet cloth it will be neat in few minutes. If it is a glass door then use glass spray for the purpose and make it clear for the better look of your washroom.In a bucket mix one part of water and one part of vinegar and wet a cloth in it or you may sprinkle a glass spray on the cloth for the cleansing of your mirror. Take care that it must not be sprinkled in great quantity as in case of excess it will move to the edges of the mirror and leave dark spots on the boundary of mirror. So it will be a source of loss for you. if it leaves some spots then wet cloth in hot water and clean it at once. To prevent streaks on the mirror a coffee filter must be used.

Towels must be cleaned time and again for the sake of good health. The liner and the curtains must be washed in the machine .add ¾ cup of bleach in the machine when it is filled with water. Then pour your curtains in it. It will remove all the strains of your curtain.Tooth brush holder and the edges of holders must be cleaned with the help of cotton swab. With wet cloth these edges can not be cleaned. Wipe down all the containers with dish washing detergent either they are made o plastic or steel. Wipe out the flush with any good acid product like harpist for the safety of washroom.In the end we may conclude that by knowing all these tips we can make our washroom accessories neat and clean. Otherwise this may be a source of embarrassment at the arrival of guest. Not only before guests, may you feel ashamed before your family members.

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