Top 5 Winter Accessories in Mens Fashion

Winter rolls around every year, and every year men use it as an excuse to hide beneath layers of bulky bland clothing that does nothing to highlight the style and sophistication they show during the summer months. This winter break from tradition and turn to these top five winter accessories that allow your personal style to shine through while staying warm.

The Traditional Wool Pea Coat
Break free from the shackles of the traditional felt coat that can be seen on thousands of men in downtown city centers. Instead switch things up a bit with the traditional wool pea coat. Clean lines and an interesting texture highlight the oversized buttons used to close this double-breasted garment.

Lined Leather Gloves
Keeping your fingers warm is a must during the colder months. Nowhere is a law, however, that you have to wear bulky ski gloves on your way to the office. Every man needs at least one pair of lined leather gloves to make his trip from home to office were comfortable in the winter. For the ultimate in winter accessories get a pair in black and brown.

Woolen Scarf
Wearing a scarf ever really went out of fashion, but it’s not something that most men tend to do once they leave grade school. Maybe it’s because our mothers no longer nag us to wear one, but a sturdy woolen scarf is a great fashion accessory for the winter months. Whether you simply drape it over your shoulders or wrap it around your neck, a scarf helps add definition to your otherwise drab winter wardrobe selection. Argyle is great for the adventurous, but strong neutral colors are also a good selection.

Sturdy Shoulder Bag
The winter months can be tough on your clothes and your accessories. Having a sturdy shoulder bag is a must for anyone who regularly commutes to work and has to bring documents back and forth from the office. Choose a rich leather shoulder bag that will give you a sense of warmth everyone needs in the winter.

Wool Cardigan
The winter months aren’t just about ensuring your comfort to and from the office, they are also about enjoying time with friends and family both outdoors and indoors. A wool cardigan is a fantastic clothing accessory to have to help keep you warm in the winter and maintain your sense of style over those winter months where layers really do matter.

Mohair Hats
Mohair is a thick natural wool that is quite water resistant and wind proof. It is the ideal fabric for any hat worn in colder weather. Although practical, mohair hats are quite trendy – especially the beret style hats. Best colors are gray, charcoal, brown, and navy.

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