Top Fashion Show Trends from Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Week 2017 was one hell of a sartorial extravaganza. With top fashion brands and ace designers showcasing their edgy and artsy collections on the ramp. There were many fresh new trends that popped up on the ramp this year. Here is a low down on the various trends from the amazing fashion show that happened in the fashion capital of the world.

Fake Fur Hats: Designer Miuccia Prada went ahead and got all experimental with the hat this year. Cool and casual outfits paired with striking faux fur hats were a great hit at this year’s fashion show in Paris. These fur accessories were seen in shades of purple, teal, green, pumpkin, and more.

Galaxy Dresses: Straight from the mind of the brand Chanel, sleek and futuristic outfits that demanded attention. These well-fitted and shiny dresses, predominantly in the shades of silver, were one of the major highlights of the fashion show this year. The collection had more of shearling jackets, silver leather, above the knee shorts as well as black toe-capped silver gogo boots.

Imperfect Hemlines: The brand Alexander Mcqueen presented a range of spell-binding dresses with untailored necklines, asymmetric flaps on jackets, and undone hemlines on long, flowy dresses. Most of these designs were a combination of dainty meets tough. The designer created the perfect balance between hippie and chic.

Extravagant Trench Coats: Designer Kym Ellery came up with a collection that showed the journey of a bourgeois woman who is finding the self. She narrated this tale with the help of some astounding trench coats made of faux fur and other materials. The colours she used were grey, beige, oxblood and many other bold and edgy tones.

Dainty Suits: Designers were seen experimenting with the way they design suits. The plain old formal look was improvised to add a feminine touch to the pantsuit. The fashion show displayed suits in shades of fuchsia, brown, purple, and shiny teal with silhouettes that were a bit more flowy and relaxed when compared to the regular suit pattern.

These were some of the hottest trends from the Paris Fashion Week 2017. These trends were chic, fresh, and something unique from the previous years. Many fashion designers are making feminism the central inspiration and building collection themes around this idea. A lot of subtle revolution could be witnessed on the ramp with this year’s fashion fiesta. Anyone who loves to expressthoughts with the help of art would love the fashion show in Paris this year.

Akansha Nair is a professional fashion journalist who loves exploring new depths in the field of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She indulges in fashion, beauty, and travel writing in her spare time. Hanging out with friends and making new travel plans are two of her most favourite things to do. In this article, she writes about the top fashion show trends from the Paris Fashion Week 2017.