Top Singapore Fashion Trends of 2015 as seen from the Internet

Shopping in Singapore can be frustrating to some. Either they cater only to small, petite women or to those with the cash to spare. The solution seems to be online shopping, where one can find all sizes and fashion that fits all budget. Online shopping comes with its own conveniences, like browsing hundreds of brands from the comfort of your home and having the things delivered to your doorstep. If you are an ardent follower of the latest fashion news but don’t know where to get them online.

Here are a few trends worth exploring this year, while shopping online –

* Sporting the Sporty Look

Also known as the “Health Goth”, this is one of the internet’s hottest trends to hit the streets of Singapore this year. With a number of innovative twists on conventional sports attire and a reinvented focus on old-school street brands, labels such as Hood by Air’s Shayne Oliver are expected to showcase their influences with an opulent flair.

* Going back to the 70’s

Retromania has been all over the runways during all the Spring and Summer 2015 shows in Singapore. Over the coming months, you will be noticing all these collections hitting the online stores. With top designers such as Tory Burch, Alberta Ferretti and Anna Sui incorporating a variety of hippie and rock ‘n’ roll influences, designs will mark the rebirth of the boho chic. Pucci has already made their point by bringing back bell bottomed jeans adorned with a variety of psychedelic prints.

* Reinventing your Own Style

If there ever was a good time to reinvent your own personal style, 2015 is it. This year, the streets of Singapore are expected to be full of women trying out some radical new looks that represent their own personality and panache. Over the last few seasons, we have all seen beauty advertisements featuring older celebrities in the likes of Madonna, Julia Roberts and Jessica Lange donning new fashion in unconventional ways.

* Environment Friendly Shopping

A trend that has been catching on like fire in Singapore, shoppers that are enthusiastic about helping the environment are now able to shop with Santorini and Zhai, two fashion labels that have come together to provide trendy collections that are made out of only natural fabrics. With extremely comfortable pieces Zhai, a 6 year old fashion brand has attracted significant attention as one of the first environment friendly brands in Singapore. Free of pesticides and made out of bamboo fiber, their soft and easy to slip into fashion is definitely hitting the spot this year.

With a host of choices, 2015 is probably one of the most versatile years for fashion. Regardless of your personal taste and style, there is something for everyone as long as you know where to shop the latest and the most affordable designer and regular apparel and accessories, you too will be able to stay in sync with the latest trends of the season.

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