Well-Chosen Designer Accessories Help You Look Fabulous For All Occasions

When you think of designer accessories, you naturally think of a high price tag too. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks every time you go out. A few key, well-chosen designer pieces add a high-class flair to any outfit. You can choose to buy one item from your favorite designer at the start of each season, or save some money by perusing the selections in designer stores at outlet malls. Either way, you can build your own collection of designer pieces and replenish it as styles change and new designs come into the limelight.

Every woman should have at least one spectacular designer handbag for summer and one for winter. You can save some cash if you don’t mind carrying a bag from a previous season. Shop at the end of the summer for next summer’s beautiful designer bag and in the late winter for next winter’s designer purse. The handbags will be on sale or discount, and if you wait even longer until they’re gone from the department store or mall, they’ll be on display at the designer’s outlet stores. Big handbags have been in style for many years, but for special occasions such as weddings and society events you don’t want to carry a large satchel. A tiny shoulder bag, clutch or wristlet is more practical for these occasions. Even a miniature bag can cost a bundle at a designer store, but if you’re only going to use it for special functions a designer bag might be worth the investment. A distinctive bag can help you stand out from the crowd and make you feel as special as the occasion.

Of course, many other accessories can help complete an outfit. Certain top designers have entire coordinating lines of accessories that include handbags, belts, key rings, hair ties, headbands, jewelry and more. Once again, you can buy a few special items that fall in your price range, or wait until items from the designer lines appear in outlet stores. One fundamental accessory is the scarf. Silk, twill or cotton scarves can complete spring and summer looks. Thicker, heavier scarves do double duty in the fall and winter by keeping you warm while helping you stay in the fashion forefront. Designers sell a range of this important accessory in just about every color, pattern and fabric. Collect them throughout the year so you have a different scarf for each important event.

Women need to look their best at work, too. A generic or masculine-looking briefcase or laptop bag will not help you dress to impress and get you promoted into that corner office. Top designers offer briefcases and laptop bags in styles ranging from formal to funky. Depending on your line of work, you might need a very conservative yet feminine bag or one with eye-catching bling. No matter what style you need, it should show that you’ve chosen the piece with quality in mind.

Build up your treasury of designer accessories and you’ll always be able to step out with confidence that you’ll shine in any setting, from weddings to workdays.

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