You May Need Special Chihuahua Clothes And Accessories For Your New Chihuahua

Chihuahua’s are special little dogs, whether short coated or long coated, their small size may dictate that you find special Chihuahua clothes and special chi accessories as well as special puppy obedience training.

This toy breed may bring with it different issues than their larger sized friends. Because of their toy size it may be difficult to get mad at them for house breaking problems, it may be difficult to teach them manners, and even may be difficult to get them properly socialized. You may need to look for puppy obedience classes that specialize in toy breeds to address these difficulties.

Also, finding those cute items such as chihuahua clothing and accessories may also be needed to keep your pet warm and happy. There are plenty of places online that make these special toy breed items such as tiny clothing, tiny toys, and even tiny beds. After all, most dog toys and accessories are going to be way to big for your tiny friend.

Along with their small adult size comes their especially small size as a puppy, often they will fit in the palm of your hand. This means that constant supervision is needed for your puppy, as well as those who are in the home at the same time.

Injuries to these small pups happen quickly, and even just falling or jumping off the couch can become a serious event. Look at the home accessories made especially for tiny toy breeds, such as steps for the couch and bed, and chihuahua toys, bowls and other accessories as well.

These tiny babies take special care and even special accessories, look online for those chihuahua clothes and accessories that are especially made for your tiny friend. And remember, they don’t always recognize their tiny size, so make sure you home is chihuahua puppy safe, and that your friends recognize this tiny one in your home.

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