2011 Prada Fashion Show

Few days ago, the Prada book has spotted in public occasions. This book wants to tell you the history of Prada. The 706-page tome tells about 30 years of innovations and experiments in fashion, art, architecture, cinema and communications. The book is aptly named “Prada” and is published by Prada Progetto Arte.

Prada is a whole epoch of luxury and sophistication. Fashionistas are ready to give almost everything for a piece from the renowned brand. But Prada is also a fashion development, constant work of invention. This idea is clearly embodied in the book by Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada.

If you know little more about Prada, you will know this talented designer. She is the granddaughter of Mario Prada who is the founder of Prada Fashion Empire. Just as his grandfather, Miuccia was born with the gifted fashion design skills. The creative talent of Miuccia broke a long time confined to the noble style of Italian fashion, infinite imagination add innovative materials, she make Prada have the total surprise quarterly.

You must have heard Miu Miu, it is the only Vice-line brand of Prada. The same style as the cute little girl, named origin of the considerable improvisation, all just for the designer Miuccia Prada’s nickname miu miu. Miu Miu also is the painstaking effort for Miuccia. From the Miu Miu Collection, you can learn some same design details as Prada.

Back to the today’s points – Prada Fall Winter 2010/2011 Collection. “It’s time to be bold” Miuccia said and sent her beauties down the runway wearing colorful sun frocks, stripy suits, extraordinary bright shoes and simple but classy handbags. I guess I forgot about huge sunhats and fake fur accessories in plenty. If you have watched the Spring/ Summer 2011 collection that she presented as a part of Milan Fashion Week, you will find that the new Spring/ Summer 2011 one is much fresher and more youthful than the Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 collection. We see neon hues playing with elaborate cartoonish prints, bold flesh-exposing designs combined with strictly official minimalistic ensembles, and lots of fun derived from unusual shoes and chic colored fur tails.

In my opinion, I like the collection very much. It reminds me of my teen years when I pulled on various clothing pieces that at first sight seemed absolutely incompatible but when together and assembled right gave that pretty extravagant and sophisticated look I was always proud of. But Prada is Prada and even now being a smarter lady I feel I still can wear such pieces, designer pieces actually. Do you have the same feeling when you see the 2010/2011 Fall-Winter fashion show of Prada?

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