5 Essential Cloth Diaper Accessories

Cloth diapering babies is a growing trend among parents. When getting started, they may wish to start slow until they are comfortable with it. While all babies need some diaper accessories, those in cloth might have a slightly different list of necessities than their counterparts in disposables. Gathering these 5 essential cloth diaper accessories will make things more comfortable and pleasant for either the baby or the parents.

Clear, soft skin is a parent’s goal. Use soothing creams to manage or prevent rashes and chapping. There are many organic creams available for those who prefer them. Choose one that will not stain the fabric.

Keeping cloth diapers on babies is done with a variety of fastening methods. The most common types are hook-and-loop closures, pins and fastener clips. Hook-and-loop closures are sewn in or attached with durable adhesive on opposite sides of meeting fabric. The hooks and loops stick together to hold fast. This type of closure is commonly found on many shoes and garments today. Not to be mistaken for its olden day counterpart, the safety pin has made a comeback in diaper pins. They are large enough to handle the layers without bending or coming undone. These pins now come in fashionable colors and are simple to use. There are also plastic clips available. One popular style is T-shaped and has teeth at the ends to grip cloth diapers and hold them in place even as the baby moves around. These work better on loosely woven fabric, like terrycloth, than on tightly woven, stiff material.

Diaper pails are a gathering place for dirty cloth diapers before they’re laundered. Keep one near the changing station. Use a liner for easy transport to the washer and to keep the pail clean. Rinse off very soiled ones to prevent staining, and limit time spent in the pail to two to three days. Choose a sturdy pail made of solid material with a tight lid. Recycled plastic works well, and wicker should be avoided.

For pocket diapers there exist diaper liners. These are inserted to prevent soaking to protect the outer shell of material. Liners reduce the number of changes needed. They are available in biodegradable materials for parents who prefer to flush solids down the toilet, rather than dunk or rinse before laundering.

Diaper wipes are essential to all diapering regimens. There are many types available, including biodegradable ones that are flushable, as well as those that can be laundered regularly with cloth diapers or in a load of their own. Some parents prefer to avoid using anything that can go in a landfill; others prefer the convenience of biodegradable materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. When using flannel or cotton wipes, it is helpful to use a cleanser to clean up baby’s bottom. There are organic sprays and solutions available that contain anti-bacterial ingredients to cleanse the skin without irritating it or the environment.

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