Authentic Old West Cowboy Coat And Different Fashions Of The Day

In the long ago days of yesteryear where cowboys and Indians were all around there classic styles and decor have remained a favored piece of history even into our modern times. Here you will find great authentic old west cowboy coat styles as well as fascinating old west memorabilia too.

Two of the most favored materials for making these old west jackets were canvas and wool. The frock style coat was worn by many in the day but usually by more distinguished gentlemen of the town. They were adorned with metal or wood fancy buttons at the cuffs and down the front with two usually at the pleat in the back.

There were also coats named blanket jackets which were crafted of heavy duty wool and made with collars that could be raised up to keep the face and neck much warmer. They were made in different fabric designs which were available at the time. Suit or dress jackets were only worn when a special occasion was at hand.

More elegant and formal type of coats for men were made from cotton materials and wool. They were mostly black or darker hues in color sometimes accompanied with a smart looking trouser and a fancy hat. The wool sack jackets were made single breasted and a fit which was loose to conceal much needed firearms of the time.

A lot of cowboy’s needed a nice jacket for special times such as outings with a young lady or to go to church. Sack coats are what they wore during these times. These jackets were made with four buttons on the front and were accompanied by pants of matching material and colors.

Hats for men of the time consisted of the scout, Tucson, sugar loaf, derby high and low, straw and the bell crown styles. Some other unique miscellaneous things men would also have are cards for the vest pocket of lovely ladies giving away with purchase of tobacco, sleeve garters and even spectacles.

Women of the western times wore dresses almost all of the time and these were made of satin, cottons and other materials. Blouses were crafted in many designs and colors mostly floral as well as styles and worn with long skirts of different materials.

Fancy and elegant lace work and embroidery were also popular women’s designs of the era. These were either long or short sleeved depending on the season and climate in which they lived. There were walking skirts, frontier blouses, Taffeta items, bustle skirts and even denim styled skirts for the frontier woman.

Men wore boots almost every single day and they needed them to be comfortable and withstand the hard work and long days they put in. For dressier occasions dress boots with high tops were worn. Usually made of cowhide the colors ranged from white and dark browns.

This is just a sample of the exquisite authentic old west cowboy coat and other fashions of the day. Gloves of leather and other materials were made for work, riding and as elegant accessories for the ladies in town. You cannot forget the main accessory for any cowboy of the day, the beloved cowboy hat too.

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