Current Fashion and Accessories Trends

When it comes to your wardrobe, the quickest way to bring it some added oomph is with ladies fashion accessories. This category of fashion includes everything from scarves and hats to jewellery and shoes, and even some that you might not have thought of as important to your style – like eyeglasses and watches. Stylish accessories are a great way to bring in bright colours, favorite prints fabrics that may be a little overwhelming in a full coat or a dress, into your closet. Here is news about some of this season’s big ladies fashion accessories trends and how they can be worn to ensure that you look fabulous.

##How Fur Can Be Brought Into Your Fashion And Accessories Closet

Fur is definitely back in vogue and while there are still fur coats to be had out there on the market, a great way to add a little luxe to your closet is with fur accessories. More affordable than a full coat, a fur scarf or a detachable collar are perfect examples of fur worn with restraint. ‘With restraint’ is the best way to wear fur because a little bit goes a long way towards bringing the drama. If the idea of wearing real fur is not to your liking, there are some really believable ‘faux’ options out there!

##Animal Prints And Stylish Accessories

You can further head the call of the wild with stylish accessories that feature fun animal prints. Here again it is best to remember that just a small amount is enough and a scarf, gloves, shoes, boots, a handbag or a hat really is enough. When deciding to add a strong print, like zebra or leopard (the 2 biggies right now!) to your look, it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit fairly subdued. The animal will say it all!

##Fashion and Accessories: Your Handbag

Use your purse as an opportunity to bring colour and pizzazz to your closet. This is one category of accessory that you will wear with almost every outfit so investing in a few options, different shapes, sizes, colours, textures and even prints, is a great idea. If your look of the day is monochromatic, feel free to carry a printed bag. If your outfit is colourful in and of itself, it might be smart fashion to carry a more neutral toned purse. Just be sure that the shape and size is in good proportion to your body and that your bag of choice is not wearing you (this is actually a great rule when it comes to all fashion and accessories)!

##Fashion and Accessories: Have You Considered:

Do you wear glasses? Do you consider them a fashion accessory? Would your glasses of choice fall into the category of stylish accessories? Why not? If you have to wear them everyday and with every outfit anyway, why not use them as a chance to make some sort of a fashion statement? First and foremost, make sure that the frame you choose is the right fit for your face.

A watch: When it comes to ladies fashion accessories, a watch is a great way to bring a little elegance and fun to your wardrobe. Current hot trends run the gamut from the casual over-sized colourful timepieces to more refined dressed-up options in platinum, gold or rose gold with diamond accents. A great dressy watch, with a midsized or smaller face is a wonderfully stylish accessory that will bring a touch of timeless class to any formal outfit.

When it comes to your cache of stylish accessories, when to wear them, when not to wear them and even what to pair them with, the best advice to remember is that if your outfit is already making a strong statement on its own, pre-accessorizing, then less is more. There really is no bigger fashion no-no than going overboard with your accessory choices. It’s the quickest way to go from stylish and elegant to loud and tacky.

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