Designers, Fashion, Style And Fashion Weeks

The fashion designers are art creators! Even if the economy is not doing so good this year, the fashion shows and the fashion weeks are still attracting a great number of fashionistas. The catwalks are full of beautiful models that are presenting the latest collections of some top designers but nonetheless, the fashion week buzz is a lot dimmer.

The fashion industry and implicitly the fashion designers have been affected by the economic crisis. However, we shouldn’t despair in times of crisis but we should adapt to the situation that we are facing. At least this seems to be the motto of the designers this year. Even the collections presented at fashion weeks seem to be in complete accordance with this trend. The clothes are more down to earth and wearable, compared to those from the previous years.

Even though some collections have this premises as a starting point the differences of style and attitude the clothes have is completely different. If we take a simple look at the world’s biggest capitals we will notice the difference in style and fashion trends. The fashion scene in France is dominated by some of the world’s most famous designers such as Nina Ricci, Dior, Gautier and many others. Paris is considered to be the world’s fashion capital, or at least this is what all the fashionistats say, in reality it seems that Paris is actually losing its fashion crown to London. Some of the most famous British designers are Vivienne Westwood, Sir Hardy Amies, Christopher Kane and many others.

The French designers have always had a passion for chic and classic looks and also they like to transform their clothes in glamorous outfits. Their outfits are sophisticated and always accompanied by smart accessories. One can see French fashion shows and boutiques all over the world this one of the reasons why their fashion style prevails at all times. On the other hand, the British designers create conservative outfits but they use more extravagant materials for the items they create. The British designer collections always take one to the idea of royalty and dignity.

The particular style of a designer is also characterized by the city and country where they are living, however choosing a particular piece of clothing is something of personal taste. There are many fashion trends and styles but you should always invest only in the things that represent you and your personality.

There is a wide range of men and womens clothing available on the market, however you should only invest in items that best fit your personality.