Did You Ever Think About Staging Your Own Fashion Show?

Are you one of those individuals that have a talent for designing clothes? Perhaps you just like the idea of raiding your parents’ wardrobe and having a fun evening with your friends. Fashion shows are a big part of modern day life; they offer a peek into the glamorous world of modeling and clothes design. The big shows are very hard to get tickets for, and even if you could buy some, they cost a fortune. There is an alternative; why not organize your very own fashion show? It’s easier than you may have thought. Here is a brief guide; showing you how to plan for a fun and maybe profitable evening of fashion!

Plan It

Once you have the basic idea, you will need to put some flesh on the bones. First of all you should decide on the best date and venue for your fashion show. You should also think hard about a theme for the show. Themed events are always more fun; even the audience can dress up for the event! You will need a reliable team of people to help, hopefully for very little cost or even free. They will be helping you by selling tickets, publicizing the event and helping with the hair and clothes on the big day.


Let’s face it; this is why people come to watch fashion shows. The way the clothes just hang off the slim and lithe frames; we can only dream about having the same grace and style. If this is an amateur event then you can ask your friends to help. They do not have to resemble supermodels, if they enjoy posing and are not scared to strut along the catwalk, it’s enough.


Once you have the models and your gang of helpers; you need to find a suitable location for your event. Bear in mind the amount of people you will be inviting and also the room should be long enough to host a decent catwalk. A hotel ballroom will be a decent choice if a little pricey. If you are on a tight budget you can consider using a local school hall or perhaps a church hall for your show. You may also need to hire some plush chairs and a red carpet.


These are the other reason people will flock to your show. If you don’t have a large budget; you can speak to clothing merchants who may be able to loan you some of their more fashionable lines for the day. It will be free advertising and they may even give you some free samples.


About four weeks before the show; you need to start the advertising campaign. Give out flyers and offer free tickets to VIP guests; also think about some posters and internet blogs for your show. College and work bulletin boards will do the trick and you should ‘over invite’ your potential audience as at least forty percent will probably not turn up.

The Show

Provided you follow these steps and have some flashy costumes modeled by even flashier models; you will have a ball – good luck!

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