Dog Clothes And Accessories: Give Your Pooch A Unique Style

The market for dog clothes and accessories can almost rival that of clothing for children today. Just as parents spend time picking out the most adorable outfits for their children to wear to school, dog lovers now spend their money and time finding dog clothes for the four-legged members of their family. If there is a special dog in your life and you love them just as much as anyone walking on two legs, you may be interested in giving them their own unique sense of style.

The first step is to think about the personality of your dog. It may be tempting to just purchase the clothing items and accessories that you personally find appealing, but that won’t necessarily display your dog’s personality. Just as children have different fashion styles from their parents, there is no reason a dog can’t have a fashion sense all their own.

A dog can’t pick out their own clothing items, but you can think of their personality and try to find dog clothes and accessories that put their best personality traits on display.

Dressing it Up

Some dogs have a very sophisticated, mature attitude. They seem to walk with their tails held higher than other dogs and they don’t believe in backing down when they want something or don’t like something that has just ventured by the front door. These dogs deserve dog clothes and accessories that fit this personality properly.

Some ideas for this personality would include a polo dog shirt complete with front button or a fitted dress with built-in pearls in the front. You can even find tank tops with well placed ruffles around the back which have a more sophisticated appearance for female dogs.

Casual Wear for Active Dogs

If your dog is full-spirited and never sits still, then you should go with casual active wear to display their personality without cramping their style. They should still be able to run, jump and bark without tripping on their dog clothes or accessories.

Some ideas for casual wear would include a zip up hoodie with skull and cross bone design on the back or a plaid skirted dress with a solid pink body. You can also find a wide variety of dog t-shirts that have different slogans and images screen printed onto the backs. Go for the “princess” look or the “born to be wild” hot rod dog look. There are designs for all different personalities and they all give enough wiggle room for active dogs to have fun and move around.

The Quirky Personality

Finally, there are some rather unique and quirky dog clothes and accessories on the market. You can create unique designs to fit that quirky personality by combining different pieces of dog clothes that others would never put together. If you know how to sew, you can even take your dog clothes apart. Then just sew pieces from different outfits together to create something one-of-a-kind for your dog.

There are some designers making customized dog clothes and accessories if you are willing to pay for them. This allows you to create your own unique looks which are perfectly suited to your dog’s personality. You can also purchase dog clothes already made then have dog accessories custom made to match the outfits.

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