Ethnic Indian Costumes Meet Contemporary Fashion Trends

Fashion now goes back to its grassroots. Traditional attires of the Indian culture get a modern twist, and are under the fashion spotlight too.

Indian costumes are known for its colorfulness and elegance. Clothes for men are designed suiting the climate and their comfort, while that for women are made bringing out the essence of feminism. Though there are numerous outfits in each and every state based on its cultural heritage there are a few common outfits such as sari, dhoti, salwar kameez etc which is used with some variance throughout the country. These apparels have undergone a creative transformation, and are under the fashion spotlight. People in other countries also prefer to wear saris, suits, and cholis.

Customary Saris takes their Fashion Stride on the Ramp:

Sari is a Sanskrit word which means cloth. This was worn by women from the Vedic ages about 600 B.C.The eternally appealing vintage costume, the sari is in style shaped through the creativity of many fashion designers. This traditional costume combined with contemporary trends creates a graceful and dreamy effect. Ethnic motifs are transformed into modern patterns through the skill and expertise of erudite fashion designers giving a modern look to the traditional costume.

Enticing fashion trends are available in sheer and translucent fabrics giving a cool and fashionable look. This soft feminine outfit is available in a variety of fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, satin brasso, net and many more. This rectangular piece of cloth plays a crucial role in bringing out the beauty of a woman.

Craving of jewellery has been manipulating the female mindset since the age human race started. Bejeweled saris are in fashion with a brighter, bolder, and a more elegant look. Tie-and-dye fabrics in graduating shades of beautiful hues give a surreal look. Elegant saris in vibrant shades accompanied with a modern transformation take their part in popular fashion shows. It has and is doing its fair rounds in the runways of numerous fashion shows. This is one costume that will never go out of fashion, keeping the stores flooded with an assortment of designs all year round.

Traditional Dhotis take a Modern Twist:

Dhotis are traditional Indian wear that was popular among rural men. During the span of time, this outfit has become popular among metro sexual men also. Mahatma Gandhi wore a simple dhoti when he went to attend the round table conference in London, and did not fail to make the required impression to the rest of the world. Such is the grace and glory of this costume.

Traditional dhotis have taken modern forms with beautiful blending of hues, and specially designed taking utmost care of the male persona and novel color innovations. Generally dhotis are considered as a difficult to wear outfit due to its draping nature. But now, they are now available in ready to wear patterns and can we worn with a kurti just like a pajamas.

Heavily embroidered with Keri, flower, and leaves designs, these dhotis are available in multiple color shades. To augment its modern look, the costume is embellished with sequins, stones, beads, and thread works of contrasting shades. Supplemented by matching turban, stole, and juti (shoes) this traditional attire makes a perfect costume for the groom making him equally attractive as his fully decorated bride.

Salwaar Kameez:

Designed keeping in mind the Indianness, and feminine charm, the salwaar kameez is a national option available in a plethora of options. Creativity of the fashion designers has given this apparel a global platform. Celebrities are seen wearing this outfit on special occasions. With Indias traditional getting global every single day, the costume also receives special focus in ramp shows; globally. To further intensify the glory of this costume, designers are putting lots of efforts in making variety of patterns. Salwaar suits with embroidery, matching dupatta, patch work, bead work, and pretty laces give an appealing look to the wearer. With a right mixture of tradition, ethnicity, and fashion, this apparel is preferred by many women all across the globe.

Traditional outfits of a country take one close to its cultural roots, and reminds of the glorious past of its ancestors. Traditional clothing of India has come into prominence, and the contemporary fashion world has aped the style and design of the bygone eras.

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