Fashion women- Run ways are influenced by power women of D.C

There was a lot of speculation that Fashion trends are influenced by the power women of Washington D.C. In some of the recent Fashion weeks (New York Fashion week, Mercedes Benz Fashion week) this thing has became more prominent then before. The effect of a dress worn by famous women of D.C is more long lasting then the effect of a model’s dress on runway.
The fashion has been marked at numerous places on political levels. Lela rose is one of the most prominent Power women dress designer. Her dresses are very popular among the women of Washington D.C. She have worked hard and the creativity of her dresses have made them irresistible.
Fashion Industry and Fashion Design Not Only for some specific People or nothing matter this industry only for those females who wanted to become a model, this industry limitless. Everyone wanted to have gorgeous and attractive look, same here we see in our politics,
President Bush’s daughter Jenna Rose
Former President’s daughters attended the black tie and boots lnaugural ball in Washington. The Gown Jenna was wearing was designed by a famous American fashion designer Lela Rose
Jenna Bush Hager was also seen at the Lela Rose Fall 2013 collection’s show which was held in New York, Sunday, 10th of February, 2013.
Wife of Vice President Jo Biden, Jill Biden
During the 57th Presidential Inauguration, Jill Biden arrived in Washington and she was wearing a silver coat which was designed by Lela Rose.
President’s Wife, Michelle Obama
First lady Michelle Obama arrived at DNCC (Democratic National Convention in Charlotte) and the outfirt she was wearing was designed by none other than the board member of the CFDA(Council of Fashion Designers of America) Tracy Reese. She is one of the famous designers of American Fashion. For her Fall collections she have exhibited a fun collection of animal prints which includes zebra, cheetah and on trend colors.
There are no other opinion in the fact that the American fashion is followed internationally. The Fashion trends of D.C women have also affected international trends. We can see a lot of influence on Winter collections .The Fashion Week winter have made its impression and due to expected change in the season, designers are now putting their efforts to give their best for the spring season. It’s the best time to get your wardrobe ready for the requirements of new season. It is the time to express that after watching the winter collection and the summer collections of last year, you have gained some creativity of yours too. You can design your cloths by yourself and also analyze the upcoming spring collections with a wider view.
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