Fashion’s Hottest Trends: Owl Necklaces and Black and White Clutches

Monochrome Black and white clutches and owl jewelry are showing up all over the fashion industry at the moment. Owl necklaces are modeled from vintage 50’s jewelry and “whoo” would have thought we’d see them again now? On the other hand, black and white statement clutches are daring and edgy in fashion; definitely a bold fashion statement! See why these 2 fashions are here to stay.

Black and white statement clutches and owl pendant jewelry are making their way all over the fashion industry now. Owl necklaces give us that vintage feel, while we can be daring with our edgy black and white clutches. See why these 2 fashion trends are here for good. At this point in time, I believe it’s safe to diagnose myself with a statement-clutch obsession. I am not fooling, it appears that everywhere I’m going, I’m teased by bold and unique clutches in every type of fun colours and patterns.

Now it’s time to get back to basics : black and white. I’ve been wearing it with bold, solid, jewel-toned colours and swish black heels. Style guru celebrities, including Rihanna and Lady Gaga, can’t appear to get too much of these hip black and white contrast clutches either. Why? It’s simple- black and white are 2 of fashion’s most-loved colors because they are neutral, flexible, and might be worn with just about anything. Wear your monochrome black and white clutch with solid colors and choose clutches with a ying-yang contrast.

I vividly remember sieving thru my grandmother’s jewelery box in 2004 and coming across a striking necklace, a bold owl pendant circa 1950.I fell head over heels in love with it because I admired its one-of-a-kind, vintage beauty. A slogan that style experts swear by, “What’s old is new”, definitely holds truth because owls are everywhere in fashion now.

Ever since I discovered Grandma’s necklace, I have been on an owl-craze, hunting for and finding antique pieces at flea markets, estate sales, and thrift shops. I like wearing my owl necklaces ; whether it’s twinned with a strapless dress, or even merely a sweater, I usually feel I made a sensible choice when accessorizing. Fortunately, these beauties appear like they are going to be hanging around in fashion for some time since designers can’t get too much of these spellbinding, puzzling creatures.

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