Five Different Summer 2010 Fashion Trends

In summer 2010, there are promises that will provide all these types of amazing fashion trends that, after the stormy winter season, will help with your cabin fever and get you to the mall. There are five different spring and summer season must-have items.

The Shirt Dress is the First Craze

In the summer, a huge trend to return to the circuit is an outfit known as the shirt dress.

The nice thing about a shirt dress is that you can use it for double purposes as its flexibility can work as both a shirt and a dress. A shirt dress can be put together for office wear by putting it with a cardigan or even a short jacket. If you want a shirt dress for eveningwear, you can get rid of the jacket, loosen a few buttons, toss the hose, put on some sexy sandals and you are set for the evening.When the night comes around, you can lose any jacket, get rid of the pantyhose, throw on some cute sandals, unbutton some buttons and you are all set for the evening and a great night out.

Trend 2 – Sexy Shorts

To jumpstart the warm weather to come, go for short shorts or their slightly longer cousins. But always use good sense and an objective eye with this fashion favorite. Go for shorts that flatter your figure, not your friend’s.

You do not want to wear longer shorts if you are a shorter person because that can cause you have more a “mom” look. You can get a little more of a look that might be modest if you wear a pair of shorts that may be cut just above the knee. Shorts that touch your knee or even fall below your knee are certainly no fashion statement. They are a wardrobe breakdown.

Trend 3 – Bags with a Little Something Extra

Hot bags are cool this season with a flair for fringe and other frills. Look for bags in bright colors like reds and orange with a bit of fringe or tassel. Handwoven bags are also becoming a unique attraction for the fashion-forward. If you can’t find them in the big chain stores, check out smaller accessory boutiques or shop online at Etsy. Etsy is the ultimate showcase to buy beautifully handcrafted garments directly from the artist.

Trend 4 – Sandals to Strut Your Stuff In

This summer is all about painting your toenails and showing off your legs by slipping into a pair of sandals with straps. This year’s sandals are made for every woman whether you like a bit of a lift or prefer to keep your feet on the ground. There is a style fit for every woman. Sandals are also an economically sound investment, because if you choose wisely, you can go from office to evening, and into the weekend with one pair of shoes.

Flower Season Shades are Trend Number Five

This summer, the hottest colors to use for anything are the colors of turquoise and coral. Colors like chocolate brown, silver, black and white are all wonderful colors to add to a fantastic and beautiful clothing attire. Just know what because you are adding some color to your wardrobe does not mean that when you get dressed, you have to dress completely in one shade. Popsicles are meant to be eaten, not worn, so don’t look like one. Try polishing up your wardrobe by adding a few different colorful accessories or a different colored shirt.

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