Hair and Makeup Trends of spring 2015

Fashion trends are constantly changing and evolving. If one season it’s all about colour, then the next season it’s about free-spirited fashion. For the followers of trends, each season brings about the need for a wardrobe makeover, from new clothes to new hairstyles. The spring 2015 collections were all about the independent, sartorial woman of today, the woman who doesn’t think much if she looks perfect. In short, it was all about spontaneous style, one that blends with life. Long, colourful braids, air-dried waves, a pop of glitter on the eye and fresh, moisturized skin, spring 2015 redefined fashion in many ways. For those of you not in the know, here are the top hair & makeup trends from this season’s runway:

Pictorial Eyeliner

The eyeliner took on a whole new look this season. From the pointed, artistic strokes, to the smoky look, to the glitter liner– spring 2015 was all about the bold black eye pencil. Be it Prada or Louis Vuitton, the DIY attitude was the perfect medium for all designers.

Natural Skin

Cut your party prep time in half by opting for clean, almost-bare skin– one of the most popular fashion trends this season. Think sweaty, flushed, freckled skin with little to no camouflage.

Undone Hair

Forget polished waves and neatly styled hair. This season’s look leans more towards the carefree and spontaneous. Think loose curls, naturally dried hair, deconstructed knots. Spring 2015 is all about low-maintenance, natural hair.

Bold Lips

The lip of the season is rich and bold with soft edges. A bright lip colour is all the makeup you need to stand out. Think of crimson lips, just-been-kissed smudged lips, and poppy red lips. The look is all about doing it yourself and going easy on the rest of the makeup.

Sleek Ponytails

Polished and smooth, low against the nape, or slightly crimped– ponytails are making a stylish comeback this season. From Alexander Wang, Gucci to Stella McCartney, designers have given their own fashionable twists to the ponytail.

Gothic Statements

Gothic fashion was always in, and with this season’s line-up, it only got cooler. Think a freehand brush of brown paint along the eyes or pops of glitter on the eyelids. Top designers like Givenchy and Marc Jacobs are going all out on this trend that’s sure to rule the fashion scene this year.


Ornamental hair accessories are a big draw this season, offering fresh new ways of fastening your hair. Celine showed how to do it with a simple gold ring, Lanvin used a graphic comb and Dolce & Gabbana made good use of floral blooms.

Braid Beauty

Pretty plaits complement every attire, from floral printed party frocks to festive wear to everyday jeans and jacket. Whether you want to experiment with your look or lend a feminine touch to any attire, the braid is a sure winner.

The spring 2015 look book is all about fashion that is inspired by life. Blend them into your everyday wear and make a stunning style statement.

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