High-Fashion Dog Clothes For Your Stylish Animal Companions

The wolves that crept close enough to human campfires to become domesticated probably never dreamed they would be getting so much more than a warm place to call home. Human beings have embraced every aspect of the canine species. People have taken advantage of the dog’s diverse genetic capability in order to breed animals capable of helping us live better in a variety of ways, and in exchange the dogs are given respect, admiration and love. And now that affection includes the ultimate anthropomorphism, dressing canines in high-fashion dog clothes.

A Short History of Doggy Fashion

Before the age of the dog as fashion accessory, these hard-working animals played an important role in the areas of military service and law enforcement. This meant that these dogs were often exposed to the same potential dangers as humans, and needed some kind of protection. They often wore special clothing that was not intended to be a fashion statement, but rather was meant to protect them from harm and the weather.

Today’s canines act as professional drug enforcement assistants by sniffing out illegal drugs, and are a daily part of police work. They provide protection and guidance for those without sight or hearing. The clothes these animals wore ultimately led to the development of a distinct doggy fashion sensibility, and the creation of outfits and fashions for all occasions, both casual and formal.

The Age of Pampered Pets

Although there will always be a family resemblance, many of today’s dogs are visually much different than their wolf ancestors. People have taken advantage of the versatile canine genetic code, and have bred many kinds of dogs who may be lovable and loyal, but would have a difficult time surviving without human help. Some of these breeds are very small and cute, and can ride anywhere their master goes in a small bag, dressed as a fashion accessory.

This has created an entire doggy apparel industry. Because dogs as pets have become as important as children for many people, they are treated as equals. Even though they can’t actually talk, it is easy and logical to think of these furry friends as family members, deserving of the best food, housing, and even special clothes. Those wolves of ancient times had thick coats to protect them from the winter cold, but many dogs lack that kind of insulation, and must be dressed before going outside in winter.

Fashion Faves for Fido

Regardless of their physical stature, all dogs remain canine to the core. They still, however, enjoy dressing up like humans. The outfits available for small dogs rival those for children in design and cost. Visit a dog clothing website and you will discover not simple wraps designed to keep a wiener-dog warm, but actual dresses created by designers. There are glittering and glamorous evening gowns made of satin, tulle and organza, and fashions designed to make any dog comfy in most formal social situations.

Larger dogs demand a different type of style. For the sturdy or masculine hound, canine fashion now includes sweaters, shirts and even coats in the latest styles, adapted for four legs, of course. And, as with human fashion, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. Dog collars come in every imaginable style and price, with the option of high-fashion jewels, or the elegant simplicity of suede.

The Right Fit for the Right Dog

While most canines obviously don’t have a discerning fashion sense, they do know when they look good, and can actually become embarrassed if they look bad. Key to allowing your dog to strut his stuff is a good fit. If doggy clothing is improperly fitted or uncomfortable, then you can expect an animal that is ill-at-ease and who may want to leave as soon as possible. If his high-fashion dog clothes fit well, however, your furry friend may end up enjoying many social occasions just as much as you.

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