How to Forecast Fashion Trends for your Brand in 2019

How to Forecast Fashion Trends for your Brand in 2019

Curious about learning how to forecast fashion trends for your brand this year? In this video, we travel to LA and sit down with Tory J. Lowitz, a veteran in the fashion industry to discuss fashion trends in 2019. Check out Bella + Canvas for more:

Everyone has a different view of what is trending in the market. From sales, to marketing, to the creative team. Deciding on what direction to take new collection takes time and discipline. Deciding on the right trends to move forward with can make the difference between success and failure of your brand and company. This is why I share Bella + Canvas as a resource, they take the guesswork out of the cut n sew process and are an amazing resource to get your hands on the latest fashion trends for your startup clothing brand.

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About This Video: In this video, John Santos meets with Tory where they discuss how to forecast fashion trends for your brand in 2019. As well as discuss BELLA+CANVAS’ new line of apparel that was just launched in the wholesale apparel market for 2019. Forecasting fashion trends for your brand can be a complicated process. Ultimately you also need to consider editing in the voice of the collection, keeping it true to the original vision of the brand. The goal is to try to make every collection look like it’s part of the brand, instead of every fashion collection looking wildly different from the last. In this powerful interview Tory offers gold nuggets for fashion entrepreneurs who are designing their own clothing brands in 2019.


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