Korean fashion – What makes it different?

While every culture has their knowledge and taste for clothing, Korea has a very unique impression. The country and its people have such an afresh and clean fashion sense that it has been a real head-turner in the fashion industry. The clothing line is something you wouldn’t call too less funky or too much outrageous. The bridge between contemporary clothing and Korean culture has been artistically created to make sure the clothes go with the current times yet keep the culture alive. Korean fashion has started to be liked and praised outside Korea as well who love to go for it. The reason behind can be the distinctness, cultural ethnicity, or call it anything you like.
Korean clothing is perfectly build and something that reflects a keen sense of fashion as well as a glimpse of the Korean culture. Let’s find out what are the traits that make Korean fashion different:

Match & Mix – Layering, or often referred to as mix and match is something where one uses different fashion items and brands to create their own distinct outfit. One good and common example of this can be a high neck top and skirt worn under a striped jacket combined with boots and knee-high socks. Take any color combination and imagine this mix-match. This is one of fashion traits that is generally found in the Korean clothing.

Miniskirts with boots – You might say that is something you regularly see in the American streets. Well, that has been the level of influence. Korean girls often go for miniskirts with knee-high boots, which they wear with leggings and long stockings. This outfit is so much loved by the Korean girls that you might find some of them with it all round the year. Although winter seems the perfect time for such an outfit.

Oversized t-shirts – Oversized t-shirts create a perfect sync with black shorts or skinny jeans. Korean girls often team it sneakers or sandals and nothing can beat their outlook now. You can easily find these combinations in a Korean store, online as well as offline.
Colors – Koreans’ love for colors is a fact. They are known for their vibrant colors clothes teamed with an equally contrasting accessory. While the rest of the world mainly goes for colors that are less intense and quirky, their heart is always with the eccentric and highly bright colors. And, the best part is their lithe and lean figure goes perfectly with these outfits. Need we say more!

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