Latest Fashion Trend For Women

With christmas been so close, a whole lot of women are already busy filling up their shopping carts but you woild actually look out dated and not in tune with time when you buy your clothes randomly without knowing what is in vogue, chick and trendy. But fortunately for you, you found us and you found our list with the latest fashion trends and out fit that will keep you abreast with the latest happenings and trend in the fashion industry .
Our list is fresh complete and accurate as you can them below
MIXED METALLICS: I love wearing metallic in any way, shape, or form. So when I saw that mixed metallic are in this year, I started pulling all of my shiny, shimmery pieces out of my closet to prepare. Rock this trend by combining hints of metallic in your shoes, bag, clothes, and even nail polish.

FLAT MULES: While the heeled mule had its moment in 2015, this year, it’s all about the flat mule. This slip-on style is so easy to wear with cuffed or cropped jeans, and it gives off those effortlessly cool model-off-duty vibes. Slide into a leopard, velvet, suede, or black tasseled pair to get the look.
 SUEDE: There’s something about the texture of suede that makes me feel like I’m transported right back to the 1970s. This year, suede button-down skirts, jackets, and accessories continue to be all the rage. You can wear these pieces with a bit of boho flair or create a streamlined look by pairing your suede pieces with classic silhouettes.
PRETTY PLEATED PIECES: There’s nothing more ladylike than a dress or top that has pretty pleats. In my opinion, wearing a light and airy pleated piece feels special. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that pleated pieces are predicted to be big this year, especially in the spring. Capitalize on this trend by adding pretty dresses and lightweight tops to your wardrobe.

ROMANTIC MAXI DRESS: It seems that 2016 is taking a style cue from the ’70s! If you couldn’t get your flower child fix from the fringe and suede pieces I already have on this list, then this next trend is for you. The romantic, flowy maxi dress is a gorgeous silhouette, and it can be styled so many ways. I love each of the styles below paired with some heeled booties and a cross body bag for a breezy look.
Ruffles: We’re used to seeing over-the-top pieces on runways that often employ laughable proportions.
Shades of Tan: perhaps our favorite–outerwear done up in varying shades of tan, perhaps the chicest, most classic color there is, from muted khaki to soft camel.
Gold Metallic: gold are poised to be a seasonal fashion trend
Shearling Bombers: shearling jackets are back for 2016.
Turtle necks Under Dresses: this mega trend right now. long-sleeve shirts layered under dresses not only is it easy for any body type to pull off, but it allows you to take those slinky slips, glitzy sequins, and low-cut cocktail dresses out in broad daylight.
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Plaid Overcoats plaid over coat came as a surprise this year when it became trendy amongst female fashion world
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Off-the-Shoulder: Perhaps taking cues from the fact that off the shoulder cuts were massive in retail space last year this has turned out to be very trendy fashion this year
Pantsuits: Slim, stylish, and often colorful, the new power suit is just as suitable for a night out as it is for the boardroom.
Fall Floral: It is not every year that floral made impact or trendy but for 2016 it made its way and held it down
Chokers: Putting something around your neck always makes you look sexy t doesn’t matter if you prefer a skinny silk scarf or a chunky choker–just make sure something is around your neck

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