Lou Razon of Glendale – Designs to Appear in Reflections Fashion Show

For the third time, Lou Razon has clinched the opportunity to showcase her designer clothing at the Reflections fashion show, which is scheduled to take place on 22nd Novemeber, 2008. On this special day, successful business personalities will be wearing the Lou Razon Couture collection and walking stylishly down the runway.

This will be a very different and interesting fashion show because the models who will be wearing Lou Razon hand picked designer clothing are all modern day icons of women with substance. It is not easy being a modern day woman. A modern woman means someone who is able to juggle work life, social life, and family life, all at the same time. She is contributing heavily to society with her professional life, and she is also a mother and a wife. With such heavy responsibilities and a hectic lifestyle, designer clothing for the modern day women must be both comfortable to wear and stylish.

Lou Razon line of clothing has excelled in that. With over 10 years of designing experience behind her in the fashion world, she is well known for coming up with crisp, daring and stylish designs with innovative cuts. Her background in Fine Arts certainly helps in incorporating bold colors and fascinating silhouettes in her designs.

The most difficult challenge with fashion shows is that the line of clothing that is on display must both be elaborate and dramatic enough to capture the attention of the audiences, but at the same time, the clothing must be practical and wearable. Anyone watching the runway show should be uttering, “Wow! This looks like something I can wear.” by the end of the show. This is where the skills and creativity of the designer is stretched to the limit.

In addition, major runway shows like the Reflections fashion shows often feature famous personalities. In the upcoming November show, women with true substance are featured. You will be able to enjoy seeing Cher Calvin, Shirley Gorospe, Maria Quiban, Emma Aldon and others wearing Lou Razon clothing on the runway. They are all successful characters in the business world. And they are also role models.

For these reasons, the pressure is great on the designer, as it is paramount that the line of clothing brings out the best in these models.

No doubt, featuring real life working personalities in a runway show is an interesting move. The message is simple and clear – Lou Razon designer clothing is worn by successful women who knows quality when they see it. Having business personalities on the runway instead of fashion models provides an unexpected twist for the audiences. For sure, this move brings Lou Razon genius designs closer to reality.

Finally, instead of just being blown away by some elaborate designs that only fashion models wear on a runway show, audiences will be able to imagine themselves wearing Lou Razon’s designer clothing in their every day lives.

Everything points towards a wildly successful fashion show that offers a completely different perspective. Get ready to enjoy the electrifying atmosphere during the show!

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