New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week will soon be upon us. Twice a year the industry and fashion fans take in weeks of shows that lay the groundwork to new trends that may last for sometimes many years. In the past few years the shows have turned into much more of a circus thanks in part to street style, stars and bloggers. Everyone now wants to be photographed in hopes that their outfits and style will be posted online and receive thousands of views, hits, and likes. The fashion industry as a whole is changing rapidly and soon it will look completely different than it once was.

Being an industry veteran myself, I’ve enjoyed observing and watching the changes. Some of the old-guard are really stuck in the past while some of the newer fashionable are trying to get a sense of balance between past and present. And it is a hard balance at times. On one hand you want to preserve venerable shopping destinations and brick-and-mortar stores, while on the other hand you want to keep up with all of the new digital trends. We live in a world where nearly everyone is glued to their smartphones. Anytime a new iPhone is introduced, it’s nearly a worldwide production. Everyone drops what they are doing to watch the Apple event. Then when the phones go on sale the phones sell out within minutes. The new Apple 6 Plus was such a hit that there were shipping delays while stock was replenished. And popular apps are keeping nearly every smartphone user absorbed in their phone. It’s getting ridiculous how many people walk with their heads bent over a phone. So Fashion Week next week should be interesting.

Similar to Apple and their famous launches, Fashion Week usually has several different highlights and a few breakout shows. And since it’s in February, I need to start packing while taking the weather into consideration. Unlike those who are hoping to be noticed during the shows wearing some of the skimpiest outfits, I will be wearing a proper wool coat. And you know how the bloggers love to wear a long coat over their shoulders without putting their arms in the sleeves? Well, that won’t be happening with me. On a super cold day it looks ridiculous not wearing a coat or jacket the proper way. I wonder if these bloggers know how silly they look. Of course, many of the outfits and styling are for Instagram. If you aren’t on Instagram then you better be. It’s the most used and popular app during Fashion Week. Many of the style stars will also be carrying amazing handbags. Accessories are a big deal during the shows.

Who is carrying what and in what style. Everyone loves to spy a good designer handbag. One of the bags I will be carrying is by PLIA Designs. PLIA Designs make a luxurious range of designer handbags and leather goods. What I love about their handbags is that not everyone is carrying them. They are exclusive and hand crafted. Everyone else may be trying to show off during Fashion Week, but I’m all set with everything I plan to pack. It’s not showy, but instead it is all luxurious and appropriate.

My name is Adams Emily and I write about fashion and tech. You can find my articles in print and on many newsworthy websites. I also love blogging about fashion and accessories when I have time. You can find me guest blogging for PLIA Designs and their latest designer handbags.