Purpose of fashion in society

Fashion has existed in society since the fourteenth century. The fashion arose from the need to find ways to differentiate themselves from others, the best way that has been found is using distinguishing clothing or accessories. Fashion keeps evolving because every day they set new trends or styles and others become obsolete. For many years it was thought that haute couture clothing could only be used by nobles or monarchs due to high material costs and dyes used, which were extracted from the mineral, plant and animal kingdom. The royalty innovated in their styles and were those who created fashion, but in modern times, all people looking to be in style, with the sole purpose to differentiate ourselves. Thanks to the advances made by this sector, it is increasingly easy to find clothes that make us look good and affordable costs, we have different styles and you can choose the one that best fits your personality and tastes.

The XXI century is certainly century fashion, where existing trends have a strong influence on society. The four major fashion capitals are Paris, Milan, New York and London. These cities are the largest companies in the fashion and made the biggest parades showing the latest trends. They are also known for their great influence on fashion world. Countries like China, Japan, India and Pakistan have been highlighted for its large textile industries that have been used by Western designers in recent years but now the Asian styles have great influence on fashion and have become increasingly important in the local and global markets. India has been very important in fashion. In big cities like Mumbai and New Delhi every day creates new styles and designs mixing traditional dress with fashion.

In modern times the popularity of movies and television plays an important role to spread fashion in the world. The movie stars become idols and begin to impose international fashion seeking notoriety and fame. Fans looking to imitate his style by creating a fashion from the celebrity. It is normal that in the vast film industry as Bollywood every artist creates your own image to be distinguished by their style and convey their likes, looking for his followers to imitate. It is easier to follow trends already established and accepted by celebrities or designers that opt for a personal decision that we do not know what effect it might create with others. In these times it is consumers who decide to accept trends and who choose to follow.

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