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Our Top Luxury Swimwear Looks: Paris Fashion Week!

Within the past few weeks, we’ve been keeping up with New York Fashion Week and this week Paris Fashion Week is buzzing throughout the world! Just like New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week is a week-long event where the top designers showcase their new collections! The hottest ladies in modeling such as Kendall Jenner…

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Luxury Fashion Bags 2016

Tennis is not only a popular athletic endeavor, but also a source of fashion inspiration for many stylish women around the globe. Once women had limited choices in tennis ensembles; long skirts and tennis whites were the norm for the first half of the 20th century. However, over the years, women’s tennis attire and accessories,…

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 Luxury Swimwear Styles

With Mercedes Benz fashion week kicking off in New York last week and since today is the final day, there were some fashion trends from the runway that caught my eye. I couldn’t believe all the different styles and colors the designers chose but I am in love. There were so many amazing collections, I…

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