The Biggest Fashion Shows On The Planet

There are four very large and very influential fashion shows that all volley for the title of ‘Biggest Fashion Show on the Planet’. The four biggest fashion show spectaculars in the world that volley for the title are; Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, aka, New York fashion week. All together, they are called the ‘Big Four’ fashion shows.

Each of these four fashion shows are held semi-annually, and show collections for the spring/summer and the autumn/winter seasons. Often the spring/summer event is shown round about February/March of each year, whereas the autumn/winter collections are shown in September/October of the year.

A rota has been constructed in order for the ‘Big Four’ to all co-exist peacefully and most profitably. New York Fashion Week sees the start of the fashion show season as it is arguably the largest fashion week of the four, then London fashion week shows, then Milan, and finally, Paris Fashion Week. The reason there are four major fashion shows rather then just one is so that all the smaller designers, or less well known fashion journalists, get a chance to show or watch a show without needing to fret over the cost of transport too much.

When showing a collection of a fashion week runway, a designer knows the importance of the runway, as the publicity he will receive from his collection will help boost his sales. In order to keep efficiency and public interest at a high, the fashion weeks all house multiple runway tents, so a variety of different designers get a chance to show a collection. This allows the fashion weeks to cater to a range of smaller, independent designers, rather then just the large, international fashion houses.

Many of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks work closely with non-profit fashion organisations and artistic foundations in order to help upstart designers gain vital publicity, both for everyday collections and to show the more avant-garde artistic collections. Showing at a fashion week is perceived as so important, many fashion conscious individuals believe a collection shown on a fashion week runway has the ability to make or break even the most respected of designers.

All eyes will be on the winter fashion ranges for more about leather jackets and other winter warmers that will be hitting the stores soon!

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