The Biggest Global Fashion Shows

Fashion is something that appears to have a universal appeal, and shows are held all across the world every year, with India, Chile, Japan and all across America showcasing the talents of designers worldwide. However there are four fashion weeks that are the true leaders of the fashion show world, in New York, Paris, Milan and London; the demand for tickets is high, celebrities grace the front rows and the biggest and best designers in attendance.

First held in 1943, New York Fashion Week takes place in Bryant Park in a village of white tents that hide the glamour, excitement and catwalks from all but the lucky few who manage to get hold of a ticket. The first of the big four fashion shows to be established, New York also kicks off the fashion season each year by being the first show each season.

The fashion baton is then passed from New York to London, where the glitterati of the style world go to Somerset House in central London which hosts many of the week’s events in the house and marquee containing the catwalk. Although many events take place, individual events are also organised individually that spring up across London at the same time; the weekend after the main events, London Fashion Weekend is a retail event that members of the general public are allowed to visit.

Milan is often seen the fashion capital of the world with Italian style leading the way in class and design. Milan Fashion Week, however, is third in the list of fashion weeks in the city and was previously held at Gattamelata Fashion Center, although for autumn/winter this year has been moved to historic 13th-century buildings as a celebration of Italian culture as well as fashion.

Finally, Paris finishes the season for the big four shows in a dramatic and stylish climax at the Carrousel de Louvre. Such a glittering venue is perfect for the haute-couture that epitomises French style and ends the fashion weeks in perfect style, with French designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin appearing to showcase true style and elegance.

Fashion shows have long been seen as the pinacle of “what’s coming,” in the fashion world, showcasing everything from shoes for women through to underwear for men!