The London Fashion Week makes a splash each year

The London Fashion Week (LFW) is considered one of the most prestigious and high profile fashion based events in London. Internationally it is one of the Big Four in terms of fashion weeks. The other three are New York, Paris and Milan. Fashion showcased here is shown to have global catwalk influencing trends.  The London Fashion Week is organized by the British Fashion Council (BFC). Considering it is a high class show, it has a number of sponsors in the form of Canon Europe which is currently the headline sponsor for seven consecutive seasons of the London Fashion Week.  It is the LFW that secures London as well as British Fashion a spotlight place in the international fashion arena. Orders that are generated thanks to these shows are in the area of £20 million. This is a direct infusion into London’s economy and is direct spend. Every year it attracts a huge number of visitors who fly in from as many as 25 countries. These countries include US, France, Italy, Russia, Middle East, China and UAE.

In general the LFW has around 50 catwalk shows. While these are officially on the schedule, there are as many as 45 or more that are off the schedule as well. Each year, an exhibition is conducted along with the LFW and more than 170 designers get to showcase their lines here each season.  Those visiting the LFW will also be able to see the work of several other designers who come there with presentations and even set up individual showrooms.

Through the years the British Fashion Council has been able to get itself the support of several high profile headline sponsor companies taking LFW to newer heights. It is without doubt that sans the help of these companies, the LFW would not have been as popular as it is. Some great names that have come forward to sponsor LFW are Vidal Sassoon, P&G Beauty as well as the Evening Standard.

BFC is constantly working on initiatives that will help it improve on the scale and quality of the London Fashion Week. The idea is to build support and well as credibility for London based designers and help them create a reputation for themselves. The autumn/winter 2011 LFW have already concluded their show between February 18th and 23rd if you would like to catch up with the shows, you can do so online. The dates for the spring/summer of the coming year are September 16th to 21st in 2011.

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